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Free Credit Score Comparison Chart
Name Ratings Credit Scores You’ll Receive Credit Bureaus Monitored Trial Period Other Benefits

7-day Free Credit Scores from All 3 Bureaus in Seconds. 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring.

Credit Score Experian
7-Day Free Credit Score. 3 Bureau Monitoring

TransUnion Experian
7-Day Free TransUnion Credit Scores. 3 Bureau Monitoring

THIS NOTICE IS REQUIRED BY LAW. Read more at FTC.GOV. You have the right to a free credit report from or 8773228228, the ONLY authorized source under federal law

Free Gov Credit Report vs Free Credit Score Offers

Everyone is entitled to see their free credit report gov once an year from the government. That’s a given. But what’s left out of this ‘free credit report gov’ equation is your 3 credit SCORES. Problem is, your credit score is in many sense the most important information you want to see concerning your credit. It determines whether you get approved for unsecured credit cards, mortgage loans, auto loans, personal loans, etc. It also determines your mortgage interest rates. Your credit report is just the raw data that’s used to determine what your SCORE is. Currently you do NOT receive your 3 scores for free from the government. You have to go to each credit bureau, fill out their lengthy app form, and pay full price to see them. Or, you can try out one of the free 3 credit score trial offers (usually offered by credit monitoring or identity theft prevention services).

One of the big attractions of free credit score trial offers is that you often get to see both your scores AND your credit files for free or virtually free ($1 fee) during the trial period. They often have these $1 deals where they’ll obtain your 3 credit reports as well. (Ok, well, it’s not technically free, but I think it’s well worth the $1 fee since you won’t have to jump thru hoops and go thru the lengthy & convoluted application process like they put you thru at annual credit report ;).

So why do these trial offers exist?

Simply put? So you can try out their services (credit monitoring/identity theft prevention). After the free trial period, many individuals will continue with the paid membership because they’ve experienced and liked the benefits of the service. Others will ofcourse simply cancel the service during the free trial period. But they get to see their credit scores for free.

So what’s the best trial offer?

The simple rule of thumb is to find the offer that provides the most information about your credit rating. Some offers provide your free credit score from one credit bureau while others will provide credit reports and scores from all 3 major credit bureaus. Others will sign up for trial offers which provide the longest free trial period. It really varies from individual to individual. The comparison chart and our reviews should help you to decide.


WINNER: YourScoreandMore – Your Free Credit Scores from All 3 Bureaus
This service provides free access to all 3 credit scores very quickly and conveniently. It’s become one of the most popular method for accessing one’s free credit scores from all 3 major credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Other services might only provide a free credit score from one credit bureau. It’s definitely a nice thing to see all 3 scores since those numbers vary from bureau to bureau. Potential lenders may choose to see your scores from more than one source. There’s also daily 3 bureau credit monitoring for identity theft protection and peace of mind. (more details…)

MyFreeScoreNow — Free 2014 Credit Score
The new kid on the block. Features include Instant Score from one of the credit bureaus. A personalized report of factors affecting your current credit score. Email alerts of significant changes to your credit report. An updated credit score each month. Notice of who is looking at your credit. Worth checking out. (more details…)

MyScore – Free TransUnion Score
Monitor your information from all 3 credit bureaus. Also see your TransUnion free credit score. Up and coming new service. There’s daily 3 credit bureau monitoring for all 3 credit files as well – TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. There’s a credit hotline to answer any of your questions. (more details…)


Your once per year free government credit report is valuable because it gives you details of your credit profile. But you also need to see your credit score since that’s ultimately the grade you’re getting from all that data. Once again, the 3 credit reports you get from the govt will NOT include your scores. You need to obtain them separately by ordering them directly from the 3 bureaus or via these free trial offers. Most of these sites have learning resources and tips for helping you to raise your credit score. By understanding how to raise a score and what can lower the score, a person can make conscious decisions to better his or credit to achieve the interest rates that are desired. The free credit score seems like a no brainer, but you need to realize these are all trial memberships. You do need to cancel the membership before the free trial ends if you choose not to continue with it.

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Corporate Social Responsibility 101: Working Wardrobes Offers CSR Tips to Help Businesses Make a Big Impact

(PRWEB) July 15, 2014

The employment experts at Working Wardrobes recently outlined the benefits of businesses having a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan, and offered tips to help implement one – to make a big impact over the long haul. The Orange County, California-based nonprofit that provides career readiness and life skills services to men, women, young adults and veterans facing difficult life challenges, says that in addition to having a positive impact on the communities in which we live, CSR can boost business too.

“Today, an increasing number of companies measure success by social and environmental impact, in addition to profits,” said Jerri Rosen, founder and CEO of Working Wardrobes. “CSR serves a number of purposes – from enabling an organization to stay compliant with business ethics and the law, furthering goodwill by giving back to the community, or by being environmentally responsible.”

Rosen said that before getting started, businesses should consider the benefits that a solid CSR strategy can bring, including:

    A positive reputation and increased brand awareness.
A recent study1 found that a majority of consumers are willing to recommend companies they believe are delivering on their social responsibility programs. And another study2 found that one in three consumers use social media to share positive information about companies and issues, and one in four use social media to share negative information. In today’s word-of-mouth-world, positive opinions about a company can help boost its reputation quickly and significantly.

    Increased sales and ultimately, enhanced revenue.
Today, CSR is also driving consumer behavior and purchases. If given the choice between two products of similar price and quality, most consumers will switch brands to one that supports a good cause2. Consumers will also boycott a brand if they learn of the company’s irresponsible business practices2.

    Improved recruitment, retention, and overall business processes.
Studies show that employee morale and loyalty increase when the company they work for offers opportunities through CSR initiatives3. And since companies look to hire the most talented employees, and many prospective employees seek organizations to work for based on what that company’s social conscious is, CSR also serves as a tool for employee engagement. Many companies are now encouraging their employees, at all levels, to get involved by volunteering and/or offering pro bono services, and the positive results are tenfold. Employees who feel good about the company they work for tend to be more engaged, which can lead to increased productivity.

    The positive results of making a real impact.
Simply put, affecting positive change is good for everyone involved. When a company helps change something for the better, by way of long-term corporate partnerships, monetary donations, or by offering volunteer services, the community as a whole improves.

Daniel J. McQuaid, President & CEO of OneOC, a nonprofit that accelerates nonprofit success through volunteer, training, consulting, and business services, says that all companies can benefit from implementing Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

“CSR opportunities are great for all size companies,” said McQuaid. “Many of our larger employers are already doing a wonderful job addressing our community’s urgent and unmet needs. However, we believe there is significant opportunity for more mid-size companies to follow suit. In Orange County, there are 4,500 companies with 50 to 1,000 employees that have an enormous potential to transform the landscape of our community through implementing giving and volunteering activities. For these companies, mobilizing CSR efforts can be an easy and effective way to build their teams and reap the benefits of being a good corporate citizen.”

McQuaid and Rosen point to the Civic 50, an annual study released by Bloomberg Business, National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC) and Points of Light, which identifies the nation’s most community-minded businesses4. The study evaluated S&P 500 corporations and how they best used company philanthropy and employee volunteerism to impact their employees, customers, and communities. The Civic 50 were evaluated on the following key dimensions:

1)    Make the commitment.

Once a company decides to focus on CSR initiatives, it should commit to putting a plan in place and carrying it out. Buy in from all levels of management is critical.

2)    Invest strategically.

Companies should decide how extensively (and in what ways) they can best apply their resources to give back to, and improve, the community.

3)    Complement your business.

A successful CSR initiative will complement and support a company’s own business interests. Companies should work to identify community engagement opportunities that align closely with their business goals.

4)    Foster the culture.

Companies with success in CSR have done their best to embed the spirit of giving into their corporate culture by incorporating it within company policies. They invite employees to participate in volunteer opportunities within the community, and many companies are now evaluating employee performance in part based on their participation with the company’s community engagement.

5)    Measure the impact.

It’s really not enough to have and implement CSR initiatives. Measuring the impact is vitally important. Gauging the performance of its community engagement allows a company to see where it is successful and where it is making an impact, what it can do to increase or enhance the impact, and what is working and what is not to optimize performance.

“Joining forces with a nonprofit organization is a great way to give back to the community, and finding a like-minded organization that aligns with the company’s mission, goals, or business interests enhances a CSR strategy,” said Rosen.

Jeff Coats, president and CEO of Irvine-based Autobytel Inc., pioneer of the automotive Internet and the company dedicated to connecting automotive consumers with dealers, says his organization signed on to support Working Wardrobes after creating T.E.A.M. ABT (The Employee Advocacy Members of Autobytel), an internal “Good Works Council” to focus its CSR efforts and to identify local charities to support.

“We firmly believe in the employment services Working Wardrobes provides to people overcoming difficult challenges, and we are continually impressed by the improvements Jerri and her team are making in our community,” said Jeff Coats, president and CEO of Irvine-based Autobytel Inc. “Working Wardrobes has served the Southern California community for nearly 25 years, and we’re proud to support its efforts in helping people in need find jobs. We encourage other businesses to offer their support as well.”

To learn more about the services Working Wardrobes provides, visit the nonprofit’s website at, or call (714) 210-2460.

1 Reputation Institute’s 2013 Global CSR RepTrak® 100 study, October 2013:

2 2013 Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study:

3 Society for Human Resource Management, BSR and Aurosoorya Report:

4 Orange County Business Journal 2014 Giving Guide:

About Working Wardrobes

Working Wardrobes is an independent nonprofit organization empowers men, women, veterans, and young adults overcoming difficult challenges to confidently enter the workforce and achieve self-sufficiency. The organization provides career training, job placement assistance, and professional wardrobe services in an environment of dignity and respect.

Since 1990, Working Wardrobes has grown to serve over 75,000 men, women, veterans, and young adults overcoming difficult challenges including alcohol and substance abuse, prison re-entry, homelessness, catastrophic illness, and traumatic financial losses. It assists CalWorks recipients, clients of social service agencies, and individuals in 60 shelters or programs in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Inland Empire. The Working Wardrobes social enterprise model serves as an example of self-sustainability to organizations nationwide.

Working Wardrobes’ current board of directors includes (in alphabetical order by last name): Derek Benson, Union Bank; Jodi Chavez, Accounting Principials; Anna Conrekas, US Bank; John Dickson, QBE North America, Inc.; Mandi Dossin, DGWB; Eric Eng, Experian; Harry Humphries, GSGI, Inc.; Bob Hurley; Stephen Kelley, Health Essentials, LLC; Michelle Koontz, Fluor; Darryl Martin, Sentinel Offender Systems, LLC; Emily Reynolds, ADP; Jerri Rosen, CEO, Working Wardrobes; Parker Schweich, Dorsey & Whitney, LLP; Jeffrey Shepherd, Hughes Marino, Inc.; Kim Shepherd, Decision Toolbox; Rich Shugg, Autobytel, Inc.; Carrie Swanson, The Boeing Company; Sandy Theriault, UPS; Patrick Tillich, Park West Landscape, Inc.; and Mike N. Vo, Law Offices of Mike N. Vo.

About OneOC

OneOC, formerly Volunteer Center Orange County, is a nonprofit 501c3 organization committed to accelerating nonprofit success through volunteer, training, consulting and business services. Serving Orange County, California, OneOC provides support and solutions to more than 650 nonprofit organizations and community initiatives each year. Building on a 52-year history of mobilizing volunteer action, the organization announced its new name on September 15, 2010 to signal the expansion of its integrated service offerings to help nonprofits become as effective and efficient about their mission as they are passionate. OneOC is affiliated with Points of Lights Institute and HandsOn Network, enabling participation in national community service initiatives and connection to a larger movement of change. For more information, visit

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Working at Experian Data Quality

A day in the life of an Experian Data Quality employee. Learn what it is like to work at Experian Data Quality. Hear about our culture, our core values and w…

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In Moody's US college credit ratings, downgrades far outnumber upgrades

In Moody's US college credit ratings, downgrades far outnumber upgrades
Howard University's credit rating by Moody's Investors Service fell this month for the second time in the past year, largely because of concerns about money troubles at its hospital. But the historically black university in Northwest Washington has …
Read more on Washington Post

Tampa utilities get stellar credit rating
TAMPA — Tampa's water and sewer departments got their credit rating bumped to the highest offered by Fitch, one of the three firms that evaluate companies and governments on their creditworthiness. Fitch gave Tampa's biggest utilities a rating of “AAA.

Fitch raises bond rating for Tampa, but .4 million shortfall looms
The boost from "AA+"' to "AAA" is the second since 2011. A higher rating allows the city to hold down costs by borrowing money at lower interest rates. Mayor Bob Buckhorn welcomed the upgrade, saying economic stability at City Hall helps the local …

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Credit Report Secrets: Do You Know What They Reveal?

If you’ve ever applied for a credit card or loan, you’ve probably had your credit report reviewed by the lender. Your credit report has a huge impact on your financial future, so it’s well worth your time to be sure that you understand what your credit report says about you. Even if you’re not interested in obtaining credit, your credit report can impact other areas of your life. Potential employers view your credit report to assess your trustworthiness as an employee. Landlords frequently check the credit reports of their tenants before allowing them to sign or renew their lease.

So whether you knew it or not, your credit report can have a major impact on your quality of life. With this said I’m sure you can now see that there is a benefit to obtaining and then verifying that the information on your credit report is accurate and true.

You can request copies of your report from the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. A recent amendment to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act requires each of these national consumer-reporting companies to provide you with a yearly free copy of your credit report upon your request.

Basically, your credit report is a summary of how you pay your bills; repay loans; how much credit you have available; what your monthly debts are; and other types of information that can help a prospective lender decide if you are a good credit risk.

Your credit report is made up of several sections. The first section contains personal identifying information such as your name, current and previous addresses, social security number, telephone number, birth date, and your current and previous employers.

Your bill paying history with banks, retail stores, finance companies, mortgage companies, and others who have granted you credit is one of the most important parts of your credit report. Public records that might indicate your credit worthiness, such as tax liens, court judgments, and bankruptcies are also included in the section detailing your credit history.

Your credit report includes a comprehensive listing of all credit granters and other individuals who have received a copy of your credit report. In addition, lists of companies that have received your name and address in order to offer you credit are also included in your credit report.

Most credit bureaus allow both the consumer and the creditor to make statements if there is a dispute about something on the report. If applicable, your credit report will include these dispute statements.

Your credit report does not include bank account balances, race, religion, health, criminal records, driving records, or annual income. You’ve probably heard about a FICO credit score as well. Credit scores are based on formulas that use the information in your report, but they’re not considered part of your credit report.

Problems with your credit report will result in you either being denied credit or receiving a higher interest rate. Red flags on your credit report include excessive applications for additional credit, a short credit history, a high debt ratio, and late payments to previous creditors. In most cases, negative information will stay on your report for seven years. However, bankruptcy information stays on your credit report for ten years.

To help improve your credit report, always remember to close unused accounts, pay your bills on time, never use all of your available credit, and don’t apply for unnecessary credit.

Keeping an eye on your credit report is important but can be scary the first time. This tutorial will show you how easy it is to use Annual Credit…

Find More Credit Report Articles

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Clayton Homes Releases Financial Tips Infographic for Homebuyers

Maryville, TN (PRWEB) June 12, 2014

With the housing market on the rise again, people are taking advantage of the opportunity to purchase homes. However, prospective homebuyers have a lot of factors to consider first. Clayton Homes, the nation’s largest home builder*, understands this and is providing budgeting and buying tips to consumers in order to ensure the decision to buy is the best next step.

“Buying a new home does not have to be a difficult or stressful process,” said Kevin Clayton, CEO of Clayton Homes. “By planning in advance and following some simple financial tips, families will find the journey to homeownership much easier and very achievable.”

Some factors to take into account before entering the purchasing and financing stage of home buying include:

Budget— A good way to prepare for increased monthly housing expenses is to calculate what the increased amount will be and begin saving that same amount each month to prepare for the transition. Doing this and also calculating your current debt-to-income ratio will allow one’s lifestyle to transition in a way that can accommodate a new payment. Tools like a free online affordability calculator can help with this by predicting the amount of the new monthly payment.

Credit Score— A homebuyer’s credit score is one factor that will determine the type of loan and the interest rate that they may qualify for. Pulling a credit report can help make sure there are no errors that might affect financing. If there are errors on the credit report, homebuyers can work on having them corrected prior to applying with a lender for a loan.

Debt— It is important to reduce delinquency appearing on a credit report. Of course, it helps to have a report without any history of late payments, but the most important thing is to not have delinquent balances prior to getting pre-qualified.

Prequalification – Check with a financing company about prequalification options. Prequalification can often be done online and at home. Having an estimate from a lender about the available financing amount is a good way for the homebuyer to stay within their budget, even before home touring and browsing at the Home Center.

View the fun and helpful “Homebuyer’s Financially Fit Road Map” infographic.

About Clayton Homes

Clayton Homes has built more than 1.5 million homes since 1956, winning multiple awards for design and construction. Through its affiliates and family of brands, Clayton Homes builds, sells, finances, leases, and insures manufactured and modular homes, as well commercial and educational buildings. As the nation’s largest home builder*, Clayton Homes is a vertically integrated Berkshire Hathaway company whose purpose is opening doors to a better life, one home at a time.

*Largest homebuilder in 2012 as of 7/26/2013, based on a comparison of the number of manufactured homes sold to the number of site-built homes sold as reported by and the number of manufactured homes shipped as compared to all other manufactured home manufacturers as reported by the Manufactured Housing Institute.

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SEAL Innovation, Inc. Adds Seasoned Company plus Aquatics Leaders to its Board; Expands Series B Financing Round following Raising $2 Million

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) June 25, 2014

SEAL Innovation, Inc., a wearable development start-up commercializing an innovative swim protection monitor, announces which seasoned company plus aquatics leaders Jan Davis plus David Fox have joined its board of directors.

“We are ecstatic to have Jan plus David join the board plus aid guide SEAL’s development throughout a important stage of the development,” mentioned Dr. Graham Snyder, SEAL’s co-founder plus Chief Executive Officer. “Their collective company, finance plus aquatics background plus experience is key to the achievement,” he added.

Jan Davis brings to SEAL over 25 years of experience leading development plus transformation for start-up technologies, advertising plus info businesses. She currently serves because President plus Executive Committee associate with Triangle Angel Partners plus advisory board associate with Launch Place Seed Fund, 2 funds which invested inside SEAL Innovation.

In addition, Jan holds advisory plus board associate positions with several firms including GSP, Spring Metrics, Three Ships, Market Vue Partners plus ShowingTime. Her before experience involves President plus Chief Executive Officer of ShopperTrak RCT Corporation, Organization Unit President at TransUnion, Inc. plus co-founder of the venture-backed database advertising fast. Jan received a B.A. inside English Literature plus M.B.A. within the University of North Carolina. “I am honored to serve found on the SEAL board,” Davis mentioned. “I have worked with numerous technologies firms over time, as well as the SEAL SwimSafe™ has ideal possible to supply both social value plus financial benefit. I look forward to using SEAL’s board plus leadership to bring this innovative technologies to market,” she added.

David Fox, Goldman Sachs’ Managing Director plus Southeast Region Head for Private Wealth Management, furthermore serves because a nationwide consultant with all the firm’s institutional customer solutions company. An accomplished competitive swimmer, he earned a gold medal inside the Men’s Freestyle 4x100m relay at the 1996 Olympics plus 4 gold medals at the World University Games. David attended plus swam at North Carolina State University where he received a B.S. inside Civil Engineering. During his collegiate profession, he claimed 7 ACC championships, 1 NCAA nationwide championship as well as the NC State Alumni Association Athletic trophy. After retiring from competitive swimming, David earned an M.B.A. within the University of North Carolina.

“SEAL SwimSafe™ may dramatically alter the danger dynamics inside swimming protection,” Fox believes. “I look forward to its release plus to the journey ahead with all the Board plus broader SEAL team,” he added.

The Board expansion coincides with SEAL raising almost $ 2 million inside interim financing. The firm has extended its Series B financing to raise at smallest an extra $ 2.5 million to accelerate geographical, marketplace segment plus product line expansion.

About SEAL Innovation, Inc.

Creating an great swimming experience with innovative wearable technologies to heighten self-confidence plus enhance protection, enjoyment plus performance defines SEAL Innovation, Inc. The business created SEAL SwimSafe™ for swimmers of all ages. If it detects a swimmer inside possible distress, the SEAL band used by the swimmer triggers a significant strength noticeable, audible, plus vibrating alert thus which rescue could start instantly. The SEAL SwimSafe™ was tailored to complement plus better parental plus lifeguard vigilance; understanding to swim; plus secure center shape plus administration.


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free credit score secret commercial lyrics

free credit score secret commercial with onscreen lyrics.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Free Credit Report, Video walk thru getting my Annual Credit Report, Tip to get Free Credit Score

Free Credit Report, Video walk thru getting my Annual Credit Report, also tip to get Free Credit Score.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

How to Get Your Free Credit Report

How to Get Your Free Credit Report Hi everyone. In this video, I show you how to get your free credit report. This is the report authorized by the U.S. Gover…

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Credit Umbrella is Offering TurboDispute Credit Repair Business Software at Slashed Prices

Glendale, California (PRWEB) June 20, 2014

Based in Glendale, California, Credit Umbrella has strongly established itself as a reliable source for people who wish to deal with their credit history and credit score related woes with ease and confidence. The company designs, creates and offers highly useful and effective credit repair software (both online and offline), which help businesses and individuals adjust their credit score and make their credit history acceptable. Just recently, the company has announced to offer TurboDispute Online software for an asking price of $ 59.99 only. Earlier, the company was selling this product for $ 149.99, which further means that clients can now enjoy savings worth $ 90 on their purchase.

Speaking about the company’s decision to sell this innovative software at slashed prices, a senior company executive told us, “We, at Credit Umbrella, believe in offering best services to our existing and prospective clients who keep coming back to us for quality solutions for their credit history and credit score related concerns. Accordingly, our customer care representatives listen to the customers’ myriad concerns and after understanding their problems, they suggest the best possible solution to them. We have strived to help our clients to make informed purchases when it comes to buying quality credit repair software at affordable prices. Hence, this time now, we are offering TurboDispute software at discounted prices.”

People find it difficult to manage their credit score and improve their credit history nothing short of a daunting task. When they are supposed to write impressive credit dispute letters, things get more confusing than ever before. TurboDispute software comes equipped with credit dispute letter template, video tutorials, interactive dashboard, drop down menu, and several other user-friendly interesting features. The company further offers sixty days guarantee on the purchase of TurboDispute Online, if in any case, client finds it difficult to manage or operate. If a client is not satisfied with the product, what he or she simply needs to do is ask for a refund. The company ensures to repay the money immediately.

The company executive told us further, “We request our clients to rate the software for its overall usability and ease of use. Over the years, the unique software has helped thousands of individuals and businesses in writing perfect credit dispute letter and drafting accurate credit reports. The software ensures to offer several powerful CRM tools, which are highly useful in managing leads and customers. The software further enables one to create impressive invoices, online chat with clients and import dispute letters with ease.”

The online software further allows individuals and businesses to utilize the various templates of credit bureau dispute letter to create error-free credit reports and to write impressive credit dispute letters.

About Credit Umbrella:

Based in Glendale, California, Credit Umbrella has now become a preferred resource for individuals and businesses to purchase quality credit repair software at competitive prices. The company sells the best credit repair business software and other innovative solutions to interested clients at best prices.

Contact Details:

501 W Glenoaks Blvd STE 805

Glendale, CA 91202

United States

Email: team(at)creditumbrella(dot)com


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Buena Vista University Graduate & Professional Studies Announces New Degree

Storm Lake, Iowa (PRWEB) June 25, 2014

Buena Vista University (BVU) Graduate & Professional Studies (GPS) is launching a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) degree with a major in applied management. This degree is available at GPS sites across Iowa and online.

The BASc degree is under the College of Applied Studies and is a completion program specifically designed for those holding an Associate of Applied Science degree (AAS). BVU’s partnership with community colleges across Iowa provides a smooth transfer of up to 68 AAS degree credits into this new program, allowing students a local bachelor’s degree option.

The applied management major includes a range of coursework aiming to prepare students for advancement in industries such as agribusiness, hospitality, industrial technology, wind energy and sustainable/renewable energy.

“We are very excited about this program, because it prepares individuals for progression into leadership positions,” said Dr. Jill Rhea, dean of GPS. “Many workers with AAS degrees are disadvantaged in the promotion process because they lack a bachelor’s degree. The goal of this major is to offer such people a more efficient route to an advanced degree. The BASc coursework has been carefully chosen to complement the coursework already taken, create a strong and rigorous curricular experience and fulfill the overarching objectives of the student.”

The GPS applied management major addresses findings from Iowa Work Force Development in its Iowa Career, Industry, & Population Report that shows management of companies and enterprises as one of the largest growth categories, projected to grow 49.4 percent by 2020. It is designed to meet requests from area industries and community college partners’ needs, as well as target the lack of accessible educational opportunities for job progression.

The major will be available beginning Aug. 25, 2014.

About Buena Vista University Graduate & Professional Studies

Buena Vista University’s main campus in Storm Lake, Iowa, was founded in 1891, and through its Graduate & Professional Studies (GPS) program, the University now extends to 16 learning locations across Iowa, plus online. BVU’s GPS locations have graduated more than 15,000 students since it started almost 40 years ago. Students in the GPS program appreciate the pace, academic rigor, class size, and the online or local community college campus class options that their BVU experience gives them. A diverse menu of over 50 different programs offers options that meet your education needs and a variety of class formats which make scheduling even more convenient.

Buena Vista University blends liberal arts with real-world applications, preparing students for lifelong success. BVU is an affordable option for all students and, combined with its academic programs, has led U.S. News & World Report to rank BVU as the third best value school among Midwest Regional Colleges and to an A-rating from Standard & Poor’s.


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