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Naturals2Go Brings Healthy Options to Wilmington and Surrounding Areas

(PRWEB) June 25, 2012

Youre feeling those mid-afternoon hunger twinges and head for the vending machine for a little carb-intensive pick-me-up.

Whatll it be: a salty snack packed with half your sodium needs for the day or another diet-busting iced pastry?

Nope, you pass on all that and decide to spend your spare change on a small bag of heart-healthy pistachios.

So what is the nut thats actually a fruit doing sharing space with cookies, cakes and candy?

Actually, theres no room for that typical junk grub in EMC Vending, LLC at least not in its conventional form.

As an EMC Vending slogan of sorts tells it, we could probably all benefit from a break from junk when we can get it and we believe delicious on the go snacks and drinks that are all natural should be available for those who wish to maintain or start their healthy life style.

When youre dying for something at 3 in the afternoon and it takes all the willpower in the world not to buy the Snickers bar, with Naturals2Go machines youre not going to be skewed toward the Snickers bar because youll have all the healthy options available with Naturals2GO Healthy Options.

As an avid exercise enthusiast and health food aficionado, this product speaks to his heart and is something he believes any forward thinking business establishment will benefit from. Its simple math for any employer or scholastic location that will reap more productivity and positive results from people that are nourished correctly. Michael has been passionate about creating a healthy lifestyle for his family which includes an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits. Michael said the opportunity not only perfectly suits his passion for making healthy options more accessible but also his desire to delight customers with extraordinary service.

Local businesses, schools and sports venues that offer the vending alternative to their employees, customers and students can do so at no charge. Its a totally free vending service; “theyre just granting me the ability to have that small piece of real estate that the machine needs. Companies offer this vending option as a perk or service for their employees, and it can be complementary to existing machines, as opposed to being competitive. They are offering something unique for the customers who are using their current vending machines; none of which can be confused with a Naturals 2 Go machine. The machine is wrapped with colorful pictures of fruit, so it really stands out right away and when you see it you know that its different.”

The Naturals2Go machines accept credit and debit cards as well as cash, and are remotely monitored, so theyre never out of stock on all-natural snacks like the aforementioned Wonderful pistachios, David sunflower seeds, Cliff and Luna bars and the delicious variety of Pop Chips.

The six drink selections can include bottled Honest Tea, Vitamin Water, Gatorades G2, Propel, and V8 Fusion Energy drinks.

Everything is targeted to be healthy, which can go through a different continuum depending on the business. Companies can have whatever products they choose. Most appreciate suggestions and sometimes theyll make changes and come up with their own ideas.

More Credit Monitoring Press Releases

DHCU Selects Datamyx as Strategic Marketing Partner

Boca Raton, Florida (PRWEB) June 19, 2012

Datamyx (, a leading provider of consumer data and technology solutions, has announced that Deere Harvester Credit Union (DHCU) has selected Datamyx as its strategic marketing partner to provide integrated marketing initiatives for the purpose of growing membership assets, through innovative retention and cross-sell offers to its existing membership base.

DHCU chose Datamyx based on its industry track record, long-standing bureau relationships and its newest solution offering, the Datamyx In the Market Monitoring Program. Designed to help leading financial organizations identify cross-sell opportunities, the program monitors current and past members to make right-time offers to those members who are seeking any of five financial products and services.

According to Raddon Financial Group, DHCU was recently ranked in the Top-1% of the fastest growing credit unions in the nation, growing its loan asset base from $ 250M to $ 320M in the past year alone. The institution is monitoring triggers for mortgage, automotive and credit cards, pulling from two of the three credit bureaus.

DHCUs EVP & Chief Operating Officer, Matt McCombs, said, Working with Datamyx, we can focus on growing our business without dedicating unnecessary resources to our growth. We feel this monitoring program will help us identify those members that would otherwise slip through our fingers giving us a holistic view of our members so that we work smarter.

DHCU is a very sophisticated credit union marketer and we are delighted they have chosen our most successful program to deliver an insightful view of their membership for targeted marketing activities, said Ben Waldshan, CEO of Datamyx. The market is telling us that our new solution is well-designed to deliver on our promise to mid- and large-sized credit unions simply the most cost-effective way to cross-sell and retain existing members.

About DCHU Credit Union

Based in Moline, Illinois, DHCU Community Credit Union is ranked as one of the fastest-growing credit unions in the nation. The organization holds total assets of $ 450M with over 40,000 members.

About Datamyx

Datamyx is the premier provider of data-driven technology solutions that drive quantifiable return on investment for direct marketers. As a sole source of tri-bureau credit data in the country, Datamyx helps its clients achieve record-breaking results from their marketing campaigns by leveraging actionable insights in order to deliver right-time/right-offer messaging. We work with the nations leading banks, credit unions, mortgage and automotive lenders to intelligently connect people and products.

New Survey: Many Americans Believe Common Credit Card Myths

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 14, 2012

The blogosphere has long buzzed with reports that Americans have fallen prey to certain myths about credit cards and personal financefrom the notion that checking your credit report will lower that score to the belief that federal bankruptcy law now prohibits individuals from filing for Chapter 7. But how many people actually believe these falsehoods? A survey published today by, a credit card comparison and education site, shows that on certain topics, sizeable numbers of Americans believe that fiction is indeed fact.

Survey Results:

On the bright side:

????Almost 92 percent of those surveyed knew that debit cards cannot help build a credit history or rebuild a damaged credit score.

????89.8 percent of those polled also knew that asking a credit card company to lower your credit limit doesnt automatically improve your credit score.

On the darker side:

????Almost 30 percent of respondents thought that credit card debt could no longer be eliminated through Chapter 7 bankruptcy or that the option hasnt been available to individuals since 2005. In truth, individuals can still file for Chapter 7, but must pass a means test to qualify.

????33.4 percent believed the myth that making the minimum payment on a credit card reduces the interest rate on the balance, or stops interest from accruing on the principal until the next billing cycle.

????One pervasive myththat self-checking your own credit report can hurt the scoregenerated the second-highest number of wrong answers in the survey: 36.1 percent of people thought this fallacy was a fact.

????The highest number of mistaken answers came in response to the question, By handling your finances responsibly, you automatically receive good credit scores, with 41.1 percent believing this was true. While handling ones finances responsibly (e.g., paying credit card bills on-time and minimizing amounts owed) is a great start, consumers should regularly check their credit reports to monitor for identity theft and errors that may negatively affect credit scores.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at how many people knew their stuff when it came to credit cards, said Charles Tran, founder of I was especially gratified by the number of people who knew you should check your credit with more than one bureau84.4 percent. Id like to think that CreditDonkey has played a role in helping educate consumers, but obviously we still have work to do. Too many people are still operating under false assumptions.

From May 2 to May 6, 2012 polled 610 Americans using seven multiple choice and true-false questions based on widely reported credit card and personal finance myths.

Visit to view details from the Credit Card Literacy Survey. publishes credit card reviews, deals and tips to help consumers make informed credit decisions.

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Credit Monitoring?

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I currently use True Credit but after looking at my score compared to another program it was 80 points lower!! Does anyone know a good 3 credit report monitoring where I can access all 3 reports and get all 3 scores for a good monthly price?

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