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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 30, 2012

The credit repair company review website recently announced that the credit repair company Lexington Law has been voted as #1 for Best Credit Repair Company in 2013 based on thousands of votes. compares and provides detailed reviews of the best credit repair companies, which are listed and ranked according to customer ratings. This is different from your free credit report gov programs that do not include this feature.

As more Americans suffer from the effects of a down economy and find themselves with damaged credit, the need for effective, scrupulous and thorough credit repair companies has never been greater. With thousands turning to, the credit repair company review website has once again found that Lexington Law has been voted as #1 for best credit repair company in 2013. Our review site is driven by statistics for accomplishment as well as the experience of thousands of users that rate the companies, and Lexington Law once again stands at the top, said a spokesperson.

The #1 ranking for Lexington Law was derived from more than 1,359 votes cast, which gave them the highest ranking of 9.5 out of a possible high rating of 10. After nearly 20 years in business, Lexington Law has helped a staggering 500,000 people out of credit problems. Their longevity and experience is the cornerstone of a company that brings its enrollees about 8.7 removals from their score by the third month and an impressive 28.6 removals by the one- year anniversary. Lexington Law accomplished over two million removals last year alone and maintains an excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau. is dedicated to always bringing people the best information that is available to help them fix their credit and keep their score going up. The companys experts review all of the credit repair sites to determine which companies are the most effective, and then supply that information to the website. In addition to a detailed review of the provider, each review features the companys history, the things that make them different from their competitors, the available features that they provide, and the cost for their services.

In addition to the expert reviews and the rating score, readers can find hundreds of user reviews for the top five companies that include Lexington Law,, Sky Blue, DSI Solutions, and Ovation. Website visitors can also find comprehensive articles on all aspects of poor credit and credit repair on their blog, which is regularly updated and expanded. Even though we utilize expert reviewers to research the credit repair companies that appear on our pages, we highly value the input and opinions of our customer reviewers as they give us an idea of how the customer is really being treated through the entire process, said the spokesperson. For more information, please visit

About compares and provides detailed reviews of the best credit repair companies. The website enlists experts that review all of the credit repair sites to determine which companies are the most effective, and then supply that information to the website. The top five companies, which currently include Lexington Law,, Sky Blue, DSI Solutions and Ovation are listed and ranked based on customer ratings.

Recommendation for a superior credit monitoring service?

Question by Parker: Recommendation for a advantageous credit monitoring service?
I would want to register to a wise credit monitoring service with access to all 3 main reports plus all 3 scores however, I don’t recognize that 1 to register to. Most of the ones I looked at not particularly state which we receive limitless access to scores, just the reports. Any suggestions, or experiences with them?

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What does a credit report look like after bankruptcy?

Question by Whitney: What does a credit report look like after bankruptcy?
I wanted to get information on what your credit report looks like after filing ch 7 bk. Does it still list all your accounts with the balances just with discharged on each, or is your credit report blank with just the bk on it?

Best answer:

Answer by Sparkles
Believe me, it is not blank.A Chapter 7 bankrutpcy may display on your credit for 10 years from the date of register. Chapter 13 may stay for 10 yeas also, but it is customary for those to be removed after 7 years.Seven to ten years from the date of dispatched. All discharged bankruptcies whether a state or federal filing remain on a CR for 10 years. A dismissed chapter 13 remains for 7 years, a dismissed chapter 7 remains for 10 years. Chapt.7-11-12 will remain for ten years. A chapter 13 will remain for seven years if successfully completed, for 10 years if dismissed. Ten (10) years for a discharged chapter 7 or 13. Seven (7) years for a dismissed chapter 13, ten (10) years for a dismissed chapter 7. Although it is truthful that the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act does provide that bankruptcy entries will remain for 10 years, there are some creditors that will only leave a chapter 13 bankruptcy on your record for 7, rather than 10 years. They do this to promote people to pay part of their debts rather than discharge it all under a chapter 7. More importantly, the effect of bankruptcy on one’s ability to get imputed is vastly overstated. The key to getting the credit you need has far more to do with the amount of present income you have rather than any negatives on your credit report. In short, if you have good present income, the creditors will look past your credit report to your wallet in the sense that it is possible, even with a bankruptcy on one’s record, to get credit for cars and new credit cards as soon as you are discharged in a chapter 7 (about four months after you file), and after a year or so, you can even get a mortgage on a house. They may not give you the best rate, but if you have good present income, even a person with a bankruptcy on their record can get the credit they want in almost all cases. You will not qualify for a FHA until a chapter 7 has be discharged for 2 years. A chapter 13, you will only have to wait a minimum of 1 year from filing date.

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Q&A: What issues more a credit score or the contents of the credit report?

Question by Jennifer K: What issues more the credit score or the contents of the credit report?
If I have a wise credit score however, nonetheless have unpaid collection accounts about my credit report can creditors anticipate me to pay those before they might provide me a mortgage? Or when my credit score is significant does which imply they won’t truly care about much else?

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Answer by OC1999
In the finish it will be as much as the lender because to when they might create we pay it. A lot might rely found on the amount and also the kind of debt. If it was for anything like a healthcare bill they will not, however when it’s for a credit card debt they can need we to pay it off. Their largest worry from them is should you receive sued might we then need to standard found on the mortgage, basically generating we a high risk.

However, the credit score is based about the credit report. So should you have damaging products about the report which is reflected inside a score. How much depends about many factors. However it will be from the average to have a excellent credit score(depending about what we consider high) should you have collection accounts.

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