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How Emotional Intelligence Has Redefined Workplace Competencies

When psychologist and author Daniel Goleman published his book Emotional Intelligence in 1996, few might have predicted how great of an impact it would have on the business world.

Two years later, in 1998, Goleman carried his emotional intelligence (EQ) research into the workplace and published Working With Emotional Intelligence. It began a shift in thinking that would take the business world by storm. More research was conducted and Fortune 500 companies began implementing EQ principles into their operations.

With even better research and some surprising new findings, Goleman wrote The Emotionally Intelligent Workplace, published in 2001. More and more large organizations began paying attention to the idea of Emotional Intelligence and the trend continues to grow today.

Goleman’s research began in 1990 when he was a science reporter for the New York Times. He stumbled across an article in a scientific journal in which the two authors, both notable psychology professors, introduced the concept of emotional intelligence. Goleman was fascinated by the idea. It led to a pursuit that has defined much of his professional life and success.

The idea of emotional intelligence began as a look into how the brain processes emotions. The study eventually evolved into identifying intricate patterns of how individuals view themselves, work with each other and manage relationships. These principles proved to be valuable in professional, academic and personal success. According to the research, those individuals with naturally high EQ were more likely to succeed.

Where EQ differs from IQ however, is that the principles of EQ can be strengthened and learned, even at a rapid pace. Organizations worldwide have taken advantage of this, implementing emotional intelligence training and competency development into their work environments.

In the workplace, EQ is essentially one’s ability to self-assess, understand others and effectively maintain working relationships. Those with high EQ skills have proven to be much more successful in the workplace. In addition, EQ has proven to be the difference in those with high leadership potential.

In little more than a decade, these concepts have poured though the corporate world with enormous amounts of success. In most organizations, lists of competencies are now smattered with EQ driven skills. Whether a company recognizes those skills as coming from the EQ revolution or not may be debatable. While many organizations have gleaned some pieces, many of the concepts are just now being understood for the first time.

One thing is certain, however. Emotional Intelligence has moved beyond the image of a fad and has proven to be an avenue for increased success in the workplace and leadership development. Now more than 15 years since Goleman published his first book on EQ, the results have exceeded everyone’s expectations. Goleman’s research has truly revolutionized the way most companies approach training and development.

Is Your Emotional Intelligence Holding You Back From Success? – IQ Vs EQ

If you are starting out in a career, looking for a change of career, or just stagnating in a job that you’ve been in too long, and not progressed to the level you feel you should have, then the current economic climate will make this period of your life seem like a daunting challenge.

Perhaps you feel that you are under qualified and never really fulfilled your full potential in the academic arena, or perhaps you fell that you are over qualified for many of the jobs out there? It may come as a surprise to you that in fact your intelligence level or IQ has been shown to account for only 20% of your success in life. What plays a defining factor in those that succeed and those that remain to be content (or not) with mediocrity is the level of Emotion Intelligence (EQ) displayed, rather than Intelligence (IQ).
Emotional Intelligence is defined by 5 main areas:

1. Self-Awareness – understanding your own emotions
2. Managing Emotions – Controlling your own emotions
3. Self-motivation – Channelling your emotions towards a goal
4. Empathy towards others – Recognising the emotions of others
5. Handling Relationships – Managing the emotions of others

A great deal of research has discussed the right and left sides of the brain and how they function differently. One thinks and one feels, and it is those that have the ability to balance the two sides of the brain as they go about their lives exponentially increase their chances of success. Emotions can often cloud logic when making difficult decisions and dealing with difficult situations, but the good news is that unlike IQ, you’re EQ can be developed and improved just like a skill. There are a number of ways that you can work on improving yours such as:

? Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and really look at things from their perspective. Try to feel what they are feeling and think about how they might react in that situation.
? Eliminate negativity from your life – always take a positive outlook on life and surround yourself with people who do the same
? Learn from your mistakes and successes. Take time to reflect back on experiences and situations and replay different scenarios and outcomes
? Visualise upcoming situations and walk through in your mind exactly how you want them to go. Imagine the variations and prepare for them.

Remember – success is not an accident. Those who have a achieved greatness educated themselves and took action in their lives.

For further reading on achieving success and developing yourself and click on the links below.

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Rick Smith covers his role at Equifax, their time at Purdue and advice for students and youthful grads.

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The days of the “data dump” are gone. Today, growing B2B firms need optimized processes that deliver precise B2B insights and actionable answers to their business questions. Learn how Equifax Commercial Services can build value for your business.

Brand New Lifetime High For Equifax (EFX)

Brand New Life Tall For Equifax (EFX)
Equifax Inc. provides information solutions and hr company process outsourcing solutions for companies, governing bodies, and consumers. The business's U.S. The stock currently has a dividend yield of just one%. EFX has actually a PE ratio of 32. Currently …
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Equifax (EFX) Shows power: if you Invest in it Now?
Notably, Equifax overcome the Zacks Consensus Estimate thrice within the last four quarters with an average good profits surprise of 3.27%. The company's third-quarter 2015 results fared better than the Zacks Consensus Estimate as well as the year-ago degree.
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IS SQ EQ- The Guide To Decide Your Life

Decisions have significant meaning to your life. Anthony Robbins said “Once Decision can change your life forever”. It doesn’t have to be massive and overpowering not thousands at once. It has Just One. So what is that decision?



I WILL have the life I want!


Having made the decision you then take the next step, and the next step and the next!


Now this first decision does not require IQ, nor SQ but EQ. Wondering what I am talking about? Well IQ you know – it’s your intelligence quotients SQ social quotient. And EQ is emotional quotient


You may remember how you sucked at maths but were brilliant at drama! Well I bet it was the high SQ EQ rating you have that gave you that edge at drama where as the class Einstein was hopeless at it! In the school yard the class dunce was the genius at trading marbles – that was his high SQ kicking in. He had amazing negotiating skills and every one liked him!


Today education systems are finally realising that we need to develop skills in all these areas if we are to achieve progress in the adult world. I am proud to say that here in Western Australia many teachers are now making big efforts to allow for this. Students are given learning experiences that tap into all three aspects and even the evaluation exercises are now more likely to give opportunity to use all three (IQ SQ EQ).


As a science teacher I can give you an example. I might set a problem like a first aid scenario – boy falls off his bike and breaks his arm. Students are to present the first aid required to help this person. Students would work in a team (SQ) and produce a presentation to me and the class demonstrating the techniques for treatment and also explaining the science behind their actions (IQ). There would be a team leader and I would assess how they have planned the presentation and worked together as a team. (SQ EQ)


Now you can see this is far more expansive in its possibilities than simple science test given after students read the textbook or first aid manual.


Now one thing I saw very quickly when I changed my approach to incorporate IQ SQ EQ – the girls started to excel past the boys! You see there are actually some differences between the boys and girls that traditional education techniques had not allowed for. Women have been renowned for their social and emotional awareness for years. Our education systems have, in the past, largely ignored this and therefore denied many the chance to show their skills and ability.


I was reading the Sunday paper and came across an article by Scott Pape Blonde Ambition. (Scott argues that the gender genie is out of the investment bottle). In the article he discusses the different investing strategies used by men and women. In general women do better than men – not because of the markets but the behaviour of the female investor. Scott goes on to discuss the aspects of the trading styles of men and women and concludes with


“. . .the truth is, becoming a successful investor isn’t tied to your intelligence or education but rather to your behaviour. Again women seem to have worked this out.”


Now what Scott is talking about is the other 2 of the triad SQ EQ. Women have strengths in these areas that males often lack. So when we start looking at wealth creation and investment strategies they often have an edge!


Now the good news is you can develop strengths in these other areas just as you developed your intelligence at school for all those years! The web is full of programs and seminars are run all over the world every weekend!


You have just one decision! Are you going to take the step to move forward and develop your abilities and educate yourself in a more balanced way?


Grab a book, enroll in a seminar, take one little step this week!


Good luck to you! John


EQ and Compression Processes For Drums in Blending

Even though the drummer plays the entire system as an individual instrument, the miking of individual drums and cymbals could make for a really complicated mix scenario. The main reason I reference nation and stone songs especially is because of the reality that in these styles the noises for the individual drums and cymbals aren’t just singled-out by individual microphones added to all of them additionally their noises tend to be exaggerated to generate a much more dramatic impact.

Give consideration to, including, the tom fills in Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight.” By comparison, jazz drums in many cases are addressed as a more cohesive, unified sound and it is not strange to utilize a straightforward couple of overhead mics to capture the noise of the whole jazz drum kit.

In this essay, i will get drum by drum delivering EQ and compression options that will, hopefully, offer a jumping-off point to getting great drum noises in your blend. Because of its all-in-one mixing board station method, I’ll be making use of Metric Halo’s Channel Strip plug-in with its EQ, compression and noise-gate to illustrate my comments about numerous EQ and compression configurations.

Kick Drum

As the pulse of the modern drum kit, the kick drum noise we’ve grown used to hearing is actually boomy and round in the base and has a nice, brilliant mouse click within the large mid range. It is the balancing act between EQ and compression that provides the kick drum being able to be noticed in a mix. You start with EQ, the best way to highlight the lows and highs is to remove some low-mids. I am a big believer in cutting rather than boosting EQ to obtain a desired impact. As a result, I usually pull somewhere between 2 to 4db at between 350hz-450hz. Then, after eliminating several of this low-mid mud from the sound, I’m able to boost the clicking noise of this beater striking the pinnacle regarding the kick drum by boosting around 2db inside 2k-3k range. I am providing estimated dB and regularity range options because according to the kick drum, mic placement and, naturally the drummer, a few of these settings vary. Make use of these general ranges as a jumping off point and then trust your ears.

As far as compression settings go, the trick is protect the transient assault of the kick drum with a quick however too fast assault time (9ms in this instance) and a quick release (11ms) so that the compressor is ready to answer the second kick drum hit. The ratio i take advantage of is a relatively moderate 2.5:1 and I adjust the threshold until I notice the kick sound I’m trying to find. Finally, being provide the kick drum sound some split through the other countries in the kit, i take advantage of a noise gate and adjust the limit to allow the kick sound to come through while basically muting the majority of the other drum/cymbal noises. Additionally, while establishing the attack into Channel Strip’s fastest “auto” environment, we enable a lengthy (400ms) release.

Sub Kick

This kind of miking strategy is just one that can be used to create great low-end presence towards the kick drum. By means of description, a quick stand keeping fundamentally the woofer of a speaker is positioned as you’re watching kick drum and sees predominantly the low frequencies. Whenever blended because of the kick drum mic, the sub-kick generates great power within the lowest area of the frequency.

To be able to highlight the most important components of the sub kick’s sound, We usually make use of a minimal pass filter approach to my EQ that removes all frequencies above 500hz and drops down a lot more considerably below 100hz. That is to ensure that only the essential components of the sub kick’s noise come through. The sub kick ought to be considered above it’s heard. With regards to compression, a ratio of around 5:1, a relatively sluggish assault (120ms) and medium quickly launch (57ms) allow the sub kick’s tone to stay current and complete within the sound of this kick drum’s regular miked sound. After that, I’ll utilize a noise gate with a quick attack (20ms) and reduced launch (200ms) to help keep completely just about any system noises which may otherwise bleed into the sub kick noise.


Combined with the kick drum, the snare drum is vital for operating a rhythm track. Bad EQ and compression strategies can keep it sounding thin, lifeless and generally uninspired. In order to accentuate the very best parts of the snare sound with EQ, We’ll boost the reasonable end regarding the snare by 2-3dB at around 80hz, slashed 2-3dB between 350-450hz and boost again, if necessary, for more high-end brightness, by 1-2dB at 5k. These three EQ things are a good place to begin to sculpt an appealing snare noise.

Compression on a snare is a real balancing act in which way too much needs away the power for the overall performance and not enough will likely make it practically impractical to discover an appropriate amount when it comes to snare in blend. I personally use a ratio of 2.5:1 with a really fast assault (2ms) and launch (11ms). If you are finding that you’re losing the snap associated with the snare, slow your compressor’s attack somewhat but understand that slowing the assault an excessive amount of will require the compressor too-long to seize onto the sound and certainly will leave the snare significantly less workable in the combine.

Adjust the limit configurations until things sound right to your ear. This basically enables you to decide how much overall compression you’re going to be using. Never overdo it or the drum will eventually lose its power but don’t go too gently or the snare won’t stand up within the blend. Gating the snare is an effort and mistake process besides. Based on perhaps the snare method when you look at the song is intense or smooth could have a great deal to do together with your limit settings. Like on the kick drum, I use the fast “auto” assault and a slower release from the gate so that they can keep out the ambient noises associated with the cymbals, toms and kick.


While clearly a cymbal, the hi-hat can be used much more as a rhythmic factor than a tone color like a number of the other cymbals in a drum kit. Making certain it’s its own sonic room and talks plainly without getting too noisy and distracting is really what EQ and compression are about in cases like this. For EQ, I’ll once more utilize a shelving strategy at around 200hz that may successfully clear out low-end information which non-essential into the hi-hat sound. Easily’m contemplating getting much more high-end shimmer and sizzle, We’ll improve between 1-3dB between 6k and 8k once more using my ears to inform me what’s working. In general, I often stay away from compression on the hi-hat because it will get a hold of is own dynamic range without an excessive amount of additional assistance.

Low (Floor) Tom

A well-mixed pair of toms makes all the difference between drum fills that are interesting and the ones which go by without getting the listener’s ear. Beginning with the low tom, I tend to try to find the places in the regularity range that enhance both the growth together with breeze (similar to the means I approach the kick). Being highlight the low quality of this drum, there is that a dramatic slice (12dB) at around 500hz enables the drum to speak obviously. Additionally, to add the high-end snap, a semi-aggressive boost of between 4-6dB at around 3k will do the trick. Compression in addition adds too much to this equation. A ratio of around 4.5:1, a slower assault of 120ms and method sluggish launch of around 90ms can help the noise stay complete and resonant. When it comes to limit, I simply adjust before tom rings precisely. Gating is another major aspect for toms because the large diaphragm mics positioned on these drums usually pick up most of the extraneous noises from the other countries in the kit.

I put the gate using quickest “auto” attack and a sluggish 400ms launch and then adjust the threshold until i am reading just the reduced tom come through when it is hit. When it comes to “tweak minds” among us there is a somewhat much more precise and labor-intensive way to do that. By going into the specific noise data inside DAW and deleting all but the tom hits on their own, you are able to develop a perfectly gated tom track.

High (Rack) Tom

Like the low tom, the large tom has actually it really is very own frequencies that ought to be cut/accentuated to bring out the sweetest parts of the noise. For EQ, I’ll do another huge cut of around 10dB at 600hz and I also’ll make a similarly huge boost of around 7dB at more or less 2k. For compression, i personally use a slightly much more aggressive 6:1 proportion slower assault (100ms) and a quick launch (25ms). Much like the low tom, we’ll gate the large tom with the identical gate assault (fastest “auto”) and release (400ms). The answer to the threshold will be adjust it until only the high tom punches through maintaining the station essentially muted throughout the time. One last note from the toms, as all tom sizes, tunings as well as drummers are very different, you will have to have fun with these options until such time you get the nice places.

Overheads / Place Mics

Considering the fact that we have made a proper energy to separate and enhance each of the specific drums into the kit, overhead mics offer the dual-purpose of recording the cymbals and integrating the mixed noise regarding the system back into the sound associated with the drums. I look closely at three particular EQ things in order to provide the expense mics a clean, balanced tone. First we’ll make use of a high pass filter (shelving EQ) at low frequency of 40hz to wash up any unneeded sub-sonic rumbling. Then I’ll pull around 5dB at between 100 and 200hz to avoid any low-mid buildup. Eventually, if necessary, I’ll improve the general brightness of cymbals/kit with a little 1-2dB boost at around 5k. For compression, we’ll set the proportion at about 3:1, the assault at around 110ms therefore the launch at a somewhat faster 70ms. The threshold must be adjusted to make sure that the overhead/room noise combinations aided by the general system blend. Eventually, adjust the quantity for the expense mics inside blend unless you grab sufficient associated with space to put some air and depth back to the kit.

Limiting the Sub Mix

Your final trick to add punch to the general drum kit is to send all of the individual songs to a stereo sub combine and place a limiter like the Waves L1 thereon stereo auxiliary track. By modifying the threshold before attenuation is between 5-7dB, you’ll find that the kit features an extremely satisfying total punch and existence.


While I’ve been painfully specific about EQ, compression and gate configurations, it’s important to understand that every mix circumstance differs from the others. Utilize most of these settings as a jumping off point and use your ears to tweak the sounds until such time you’re pleased. Good-luck!

Equifax Board of Directors Declares Quarterly Dividend

Equifax Board of Directors Declares Quarterly Dividend
ATLANTA, Aug. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Equifax Inc. (NYSE: EFX) today announced that the Equifax Board of Directors declared a quarterly dividend of $ 0.29 per share, payable on September 15, 2015, to shareholders of record of as of the close of business …
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Shares of Equifax, Inc. (NYSE:EFX) Sees Large Outflow of Money
Equifax, Inc. (NYSE:EFX) During the most recent session, the shares traded at 1.46 points or 1.51% higher at $ 97.83. The money flow data is unimpressive with the net money flow value of $ (-6.04) million. As per the intraday data, the upticks measured …
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Equifax, Inc. Short Interest Update
Equifax, Inc. (NYSE:EFX), A reduction of 77,392 shares or 6.1% was observed in the short interest of Equifax The interest on August 14,2015 came in at 1,190,060 shares and as per the average daily trading of 486,889 shares, the days to cover are 2.
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T.E.N. Announces Nominees when it comes to 2015 ISE? Central Awards

ATLANTA, GA (PRWEB) March 24, 2015

T.E.N., a technology and information security exec networking and relationship-marketing firm, announced these days the nominees vying the 2015 Suggestions protection Executive® and venture of the Year Awards within the Central U.S. Region. Executives feature top-ranking decision manufacturers representing nationwide to global companies in retail, healthcare, meals and business solutions; and projects include large-scale technology endeavors that target dilemmas of identity and accessibility administration, cyber security, provider risk administration, business strength, biometrics along with other key business difficulties.

Professionals Nominees:

Philip Beyer, Director, Ideas Security, The Advisory Board Company

Mike Coogan, Director, Information Safety & CISO, Spend Control

Elliott Franklin, Director, IT Protection, Whataburger Restaurants

Vickie Miller, Chief Suggestions Protection Officer, FICO

Scott Pettigrew, Chief Security Officer, HMS

Kevin Richardson, Chief Protection Officer, Stage Stores

Executive nominees may also be eligible for the ISE® Central People’s Choice Award, which given to the most truly effective applicant chosen by colleagues into the security industry. Cast your vote by April 3 with this year’s champion; go to:

Venture Nominees:

Blue-cross Blue Shield Blue Care Network of Michigan, Insider Threat/B-Security Program

Blue-cross Blue Shield Blue Care Network of Michigan, Wellness Suggestions Privacy and Security Program

Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Care Network of Michigan, HITRUST Framework Integration Venture

Blue-cross Blue Shield Blue Care System of Michigan, Supplier Risk Management Program

CNA, Security Convergence Initiative

Energy Upcoming Holdings, Identity Access Control and Privileged Account Management

GE Coal And Oil, Project SAND

HMS, Company Resilience Program

The Ohio State University, Suggestions Security Framework Phase 1

Phase Stores, Multi-layered Cybersecurity Initiative

Texas CISO Council, Suggestions Protection Program Essentials

USAA, Biometric Logon for Cellphone App

Spend Management, Next Generation Identity and Access Management

“We have actually an exciting selection of nominees when it comes to 2015 ISE® Central Awards,” said T.E.N. CEO & President Marci McCarthy. “We are specifically impressed with the breathing and scope of what they have actually achieved. We are excited to celebrate their success.”

The ISE® Central Awards know executives and projects, that have made a confident affect their companies through danger administration, data-asset defense, regulatory compliance, privacy and information security. Nominations are provided for T.E.N.’s distinguished panel of ISE® judges for analysis and scoring.

Judges feature:

James Beeson, Chief Suggestions Safety Officer, GE Capital

Eric Fisch, Sr. Vice-president, Information Safety, Tx Capital Bank

Scott Howitt, Vice-president and Chief Information Protection Officer JCPenney

Shammyangu Rana, Director, Managed Protection Providers, Compucom Inc.

Chris Ray, Chief Suggestions Security Officer, Epsilon

All nominees is recognized in the ISE® Central Executive Forum and Awards on 7, 2015 on Sheraton Downtown Hotel in Dallas, Tx. Finalists and winners tend to be announced at the prizes gala that night and respected through press protection and inclusion in the T.E.N. and ISE® sites. The big event is manufactured possible by kilobyte sponsors, Courion, NetIQ, Tenable system Security and ThreatTrack protection; and display sponsors, Bromium, Click Security, Intralinks, Novetta, Palerra, Seculert, Tripwire, Tufin and Wombat. Find out more online:

About T.E.N.

T.E.N., a national technology and protection executive networking organization, facilitates peer-to-peer relationships between top professionals, business visionaries and solutions providers. Nominated for numerous business honors, T.E.N.’s executive management programs allow information exchange, collaboration and decision-making. Its leading system, the nationally-acclaimed Information Security Executive® (ISE®) of the season Program show and Awards, is North America’s biggest management recognition and networking program for safety professionals. Other offerings range from the ISE® Lions’ Den and Jungle Lounge, T.E.N. Personalized Programs and ISE® Industry Expert Advisory solutions, empowering IT solutions providers to gain use of extremely credentialed IT company veterans’ expertise. For information, visit

About ISE® Award Plan Series

For more than 10 years, the information and knowledge safety Executive® (ISE®) of the season Award system Series has empowered safety executives and their task groups for connecting, Collaborate and Celebrate. Seen as the industry’s most prestigious IT Security honor system, this has get to be the most expected award program for safety executives and their particular project teams. Winners have actually included professionals and task teams from leading organizations particularly Nike, The Walt Disney Company, america Postal Service, Schlumberger, Tx Instruments, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Equifax, Comcast, PayPal, Northrop Grumman Corporation, and Nationwide.

Our distinguished ISE® Judges are previous nominees representing a cross section of sectors, including commercial, government, medical care and scholastic sectors. For this reason, the ISE® Awards represent the most effective achievements of the season as assessed by those considered to be the’s many influential and successful thought frontrunners. Along with a-one or two-day executive summit, the ISE® honors take place across the country and Canada in significant locations including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, nyc and San Francisco. The ISE® Awards plan Series has reached over 10,000 executives across an easy array of industries and has now already been a major impact in executives’ professions, knowledge sharing, in addition to development of peer-to-peer relationships.