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Easy, Free Ways To Clean Up Your Credit Record

Easy, Free Ways To Clean Up Your Credit Record
“I always feel bad when people are paying for a service that should be just free,” Dahlheimer said. His organization helps consumers understand their credit repair rights. We're all entitled to a free copy of our credit report from the three major …
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Aussie Home Loans founder John Symond is backing Credit Savvy. Source
JOHN Symond and the Commonwealth Bank are backing a new business offering consumers free credit reports. … Obtaining credit history details — such as defaults and repayment records — can be useful before applying for a loan, such as a mortgage.

Bad Credit Loans A Boon For Bad Credit Holders

Many times you must have faced monetary problems in the mid of the month as most of the UK people are Dependant on their monthly pay check. Currently you do not need to get troubled because of these fiscal crises. Bad Credit Loans are there to assist you in your cash emergencies. These loans are specially designed to meet all your urgent needs.

These loans are offered to two forms they are secured and unsecured.
For secured loans, the borrower has to place collateral. In such case, the borrower is at risk of losing his asset if he is not able to repay the amount in time. For unsecured loans, the borrower need not place any collateral. In addition, the lender is at risk if the borrower does not pay the advance in time.

These advances offer a sum of 500 – 250000 for a period of 1 25 years. The repayment period is flexible and you can extend this period. Bad credit is not a issue to apply for these funds. They are approved without any credit check. There is no hassle in applying for these advances as it is made available online. There is no much documentation. You are free to use these advances as you wish, as there are no restrictions put forth by the lender. You may use these funds to pay off your bills like your car repair bill, medical bill, school fees and so on.

The applicant should fill in true information. The lender than verifies the information and your bank account is credited with the amount. This amount is approved in a short span. The lender may ask you your name, address, cell number, bank account number and so on.

To apply for these advances the applicant should fulfill the following criteria:

He needs to be a UK citizen.
He needs to be above 18 years of age.
Should have a bank account.
Must be employed for at least 3 months.
Should have a regular income.

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Nevada Continues Strong Solar Investment

WASHINGTON DC (PRWEB) December 22, 2014

by the addition of another major solar energy plant supplying clean, green energy to America’s sunniest state, Nevada ended up being 2nd when you look at the country in additional solar power capacity during Q3, relating to GTM analysis and solar technology Industries Association’s (SEIA) latest U.S. Solar Market knowledge® questionnaire. The Copper hill 3 task added 171.4 megawatts (MW) to Nevada’s solar power profile.

“Today, Nevada ranks 6th in america in installed solar capability, because capitalizes on its limitless possible to enhance the use of clean, dependable solar power, creating more brand-new tasks and helping run hawaii’s economic climate,” said Rhone Resch, president and CEO of SEIA. “The growth of Nevada’s solar industry is spending real dividends, as normal installed domestic and commercial photovoltaic system rates have fallen by 25 % in past times 12 months. Contributing to the dropping costs and rapid growth of a nationwide are wise and effective community policies, like the solar power Investment Taxation Credit (ITC), Web Energy Metering (NEM) and Renewable Portfolio Guidelines (RPS), which allow consumers the opportunity to pick clean, green solar power.”

In 2013, $ 108 million had been dedicated to Nevada to set up solar power for home, company and energy usage, and there are at this time over 161 solar power businesses at the job throughout the worth sequence in Nevada, using 3,100 people. The 656 MW of solar energy at this time installed in Nevada is sufficient to run 100,000 domiciles.

Nationwide, the solar business hires 143,000 Americans and pumps almost billion annually in to the U.S. economy. But solar power additionally benefits the environmental surroundings.

“The 17,500 megawatts of solar technology currently set up over the United States can produce enough pollution-free electricity to restore 20 billion pounds of coal or 2.2 billion gallons of gas,” Resch added. “That’s roughly the same as eliminating 4.3 million traveler cars from our roadways and highways. Every three minutes of any day, the U.S. solar power business is helping to combat the fight against harmful carbon emissions by turning the turn on another completed solar task.”


About SEIA:

Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2014, the solar power Industries Association® could be the nationwide trade association associated with U.S. solar technology industry. Through advocacy and training, SEIA® is building a powerful solar power industry to run The united states. Once the vocals of the industry, SEIA works together with its 1,000 member organizations to champion the use of clean, affordable solar power in America by expanding areas, the removal of marketplace barriers, strengthening a and teaching the general public from the great things about solar technology. See SEIA on the web at

Media Connections:

Ken Johnson, SEIA vice-president of Communications, kjohnson(at)seia(dot)org (202) 556-2885

Samantha webpage, SEIA Press Officer and Communications Manager, spage(at)seia(dot)org (202) 556-2886

Tips On How To Obtain A Free Credit Report Without A Credit Card

Even though everyone in United States now has a right to obtain a free credit report annually from each of the three main credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, there is still considerable doubt among consumers as to whether they can get a credit report without having a credit card.

In fact having a credit card is not required to get your credit report. Everyone is free to have a look at his financial records without any charge whatsoever once a year. This is mandated by law. However many (in fact almost all) of online credit report providers that offer free credit card reports use credit cards as a method to verify the identity. This is one of the main reasons for the confusion. Consumers should be wary of using such services and they must go through the small print.

In any case there is no need for a credit card to obtain your free credit report and you can bypass the need to go through other online sites when you can obtain the credit report from the legally mandated source site. All you have to do is to visit the central website maintained by the three main credit bureaus to provide the free credit reports according to the provisions of The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACT). This website is named and once you complete the form there, you can almost immediately see your credit report.

You will be asked for proof of identity but it will not be your credit card. You will be asked to provide your name, address, date of birth, and social security number. If you have changed residence you will be asked to provide previous address. In addition the credit bureau from which you requested the report will ask you to answer a question, the answer to which only you may know. Questions may change from one bureau to another, but they will most likely comprise employment history, previous addresses or telephone numbers.

You can also request your free credit report through the toll free telephone number or through the mailing address provided by the three credit bureaus. Using that method you will get the report within 15 days of the request.

Federal Trade Commissions which mandated the law for receiving your annual credit report free of charge has given notice that only one website has the authority to provide your free annual credit report. That website is They also warn of other websites that offer free credit reports, but with the catch of having to signup for credit monitoring. It should be noted that the only true way of receiving your report without having to register for other services is to contact the credit bureaus directly. This is done either via the website, telephone or through postage mail.

Since you can request the credit report from each of the three credit bureaus annually you can space the requests out instead of requesting all three report at once. That way you will not have to wait 12 months for your next free credit report. Note, however, that the three bureaus have different sources for the information they include in their reports. Therefore, their credit reports for the same person tend to differ from each other.

The Efficiency of Credit Reporting Companies

The corporation is a non-financial institution since it cannot sell any services and products to customers and it is reported to be easy and simple to make use of and more so, it costs absolutely nothing to use. This provider is considered one of the quickest growing customer website obtained online plus it satisfies customers to the fullest. It’s affiliated with various other three Credit Reporting businesses particularly; Equifax, Experian and Trans Union.

The business Equifax is a worldwide recognized leader which performs the part of switching information into cleverness. This terminology of turning information into intelligence may seem contradicting but it merely implies that regarding businesses, Equifax is definitely willing to provide a faster and simpler strategy for finding, accept and market off to the right consumers. It offers an easier way for clients to purchase products and in addition a good handling of their individual credit. With it’s headquarter in Atlanta, it reported an tremendous huge annual income in 2003 and it has truly used many individuals much more than ten countries of North America and European countries.

Experian is also known around the world in supply of needed approaches to different organisations and consumers. It is crucial into the sense it helps many organizations discover and necessitate development, free credit rating management and lucrative consumer relationships by giving suitable information, advice on decision-making and also processing services. It gives and equips customers using required abilities being realize, control and protect their particular private information and assets.

It works with a lot of consumers which range from 50,000 to 70,000 across many diverse sectors, economic solutions, telecommunications, medical care, insurance coverage, retail, automotive, manufacturing, leisure, resources, ecommerce, home and federal government. The head office can be found in Nottingham, UK, and Costa Mesa, Ca. It has a lot more than 12,000 people into the 26 countries it operates in also supports clients in more than 60 nations. It registers large yearly product sales greater than $ 2.5 billion.

The ultimate Credit Report business is Trans Union which is the leading worldwide information solutions business that consumers depend on as a business cleverness companion and a facilitator in the trade industry. It offers a wide range of financial products and services that enable clients to-be danger adverse individuals in order to take advantage of the market options that could arise. The business uses an unique particular technology referred to as leading-edge technology which is adequate in customer satisfaction. The business had been started in 1968 at Chicago and it has employed around 4,100 colleagues that support consumers in 29 countries. You will be entitled to get the credit file free-of-charge yearly. This guide would be to assist show you step by step through the process.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Seeing Your Free Credit Report Online

The advantages of seeing your free credit report online may seem vast at a first glance. However, in order to get these reports, you have to give out your credit card details, which may make you feel pretty apprehensive. Additionally, if you already receive a free report, you might wonder if that is good enough-if it is really necessary for you to also sign up for a free credit report online. When you really look at these websites, you will realize that there are advantages of seeing your free credit report online. The advantages of seeing your free credit report online include being able to see your credit report whenever you like. You can view it just before you go to bed and when you wake up to see how your score has improved. Another advantage of seeing your free credit report online is that you don’t have to wait for your annual report to come through the letterbox. This is important if you are planning to repair your credit rating-and want periodic updates to see if the steps you are taking will work.

There are also other advantages of seeing your free credit report online. Some people are put off by having to enter their credit card details. But with these online companies, you know that your details with be entered and processed through a secure server. This lets you know that your details are in the safest hands. There are many advantages of seeing your free credit report online and the above examples are just a few reasons why many people are using the online service of checking their free credit reports online. Some websites are boasting that they have over 14 million customers. Whether all these people are happy remains to be seen. But if you sign up and do not like the service, you can always cancel your account with a few clicks of the mouse.

There seem to be as many disadvantages as advantages to seeing your free credit report online. The disadvantages of seeing your free credit report online include the fact that you will have to pay a company if you wish to view your credit report online. So you are in effect paying to view something that is yours, which often does not seem fair. Other disadvantages of seeing your free credit report online include the simple fact that you get an annual credit report anyway. The annual report is free, too, so why bother filling out forms and surveys and giving out sensitive information to obtain a “free” credit report that essentially gives you the same information as your annual one?

This is a big disadvantage of seeing your free credit report online; of course, the companies will try to counter that by offering you other incentives, but some of these incentives are not worth the price. More disadvantages of seeing your free credit report online include the use of a credit card to even see your credit report. We all understand that this is the best way to verify yourself and to confirm that you are who you say you are. But there must be other ways to become a member without the use of a credit card. Maybe they can think about these for the future.

When deciding if you want to view your credit report online, you must weigh out the advantages and disadvantages of seeing your free credit report online. You have to remember that it is only free for 30 days; after that, you will have to start paying to use the website. If you are not concerned about your credit score, then you won’t need this service; and it will probably be a bigger hassle than it is worth. Instead you will be better off with your annual report that you receive from a credit-reporting agency. At least you wont have to fill out mountains of forms and enter into contracts to obtain it.

After Enron and 2008 Crisis CFA Exam Puts Greatest Weight on Financial Reporting and Analysis and Author of Prep Guides for Wall Streets Toughest Test Gives 5 Study Tips

Freindswood, TX (PRWEB) September 30, 2014

The Enron debacle, a series of accounting scandals, and the ethical misconduct of credit ratings agencies in the 2008 financial crisis, have turned a spotlight on financial analysts and how well they do their jobs. The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam — a famously grueling three-level, four-year marathon that bestows Wall Street’s most coveted professional credential – puts the greatest weight on Financial Reporting and Analysis.

Jane Vessey, CFA instructor and author of the popular ExamWise Q&A workbooks for CFA Level I, notes that the Level I exam, coming this December, allocates 20% of its score, and the 2015 Level II will allocate another 15-20% of total marks to this critical area.

The CFA Institute responds to these and other issues throughout the curriculum that forms the basis of the exam. In the six-volume set, the Ethics Study Session discusses issues revolving around conflicts of interest and the need to prepare research in a diligent manner. Other Study Sessions give analysts tools to thoroughly understand and analyze financial statements and spot the signs that accounts are being manipulated.

Oxford educated and London based, Vessey says, “The Study Sessions focus on the importance of understanding alternative methods of accounting and candidates must not only be able to calculate numbers, but also understand the impact of accounting choices on financial ratios. These are essential skills for analysts who compare companies operating in different accounting jurisdictions as well as within a single country where companies can quite legitimately use different accounting methods.

Based on her CFA exam prep courses and books, Vessey offers these 5 study tips for passing the Financial Reporting and Analysis section:

1)    Study Session 7 is an introductory chapter aimed at candidates with little prior knowledge of financial reporting. For those who already have a good grasp of financial reporting this Study Session can be completed relatively quickly. They can then allocate more time to focus on Study Sessions 8 and 9, which require more detailed study.

2)    The financial ratios covered in Study Session 8 are critical, so candidates need to make sure they learn the CFA definitions since these will be tested in the exams. Different text books may teach slightly different definitions, but in CFA readings ‘debt’ is defined as total interest-bearing debt, both long and short term.

3)    Cash flows are important. They’re generally less easy to manipulate and usually not affected by choice of accounting methods (unless there’s a tax effect). Allocation of cash flow between operating, financing, and investing activities is essential to understanding how a company is financing its operations.

4)    Study Session 9 is long and will take candidates time to work through. Candidates shouldn’t just focus on calculations, but on understanding how alternative accounting methods will affect the financial statements and the ratios they learned in the previous Study Session.

5)    Throughout the Readings, candidates need to pay attention to the differences between US GAAP and IFRS and how the differences affect the financial statements. Candidates are expected to have a thorough knowledge of the two systems.

For those students planning to take the exams in 2015, Vessey notes there is a new Reading in the 2015 Study Session 9 that builds on the existing Reading 33, while Reading 34 has been removed.

Jane Vessey’s two volumes of CFA Level I practice questions are available from, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, and other booksellers: ExamWise 2014 CFA Level I Volume 1 – The Candidates 450 Question And Answer Workbook For Chartered Financial Analyst Exam and the companion volume 2.

The Publisher, TotalRecall Publications, offers CFA candidates free mock exams via a test engine download at

Jane Vessey, CFA, graduated in Mathematics from Oxford University and is a CFA charterholder. She manages a training company in the United Kingdom specializing in financial analysis and investment. After 20 years in the investment management business in London, Tokyo, and Indonesia, she now lectures at leading business schools and trains investment practitioners in top financial firms. She has been a visiting lecturer at Cass Business School teaching classes in asset management and valuation and is a visiting lecturer at Cranfield Business School. She has developed online training programs for students taking the CFA examinations and teaches CFA preparatory courses at a number of universities.

Located in Friendswood, TX, near Houston, TotalRecall Publications, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Bruce Moran, a former NASA IT professional who transitioned into computer instruction and educational materials. The company began with the introduction of study guides and innovative Q&A testing software for numerous computer certification exams. In 2005, TotalRecall applied these successful formats to the financial industry and launched products for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams for Levels I and II. In addition to the ExamWise Q&A workbooks, the company also publishes the comprehensive CFA study guide A-Plus Study Notes CFA Level I Certification: A Complete Course of Study for Chartered Financial Analyst, by Samuel J. Gottlieb, CFP, CFA. Gottlieb also writes a similar book for Level II. TotalRecall publishes more than 200 non-fiction and fiction titles, all distributed worldwide through book retailers and wholesalers and via eBook databases such as ebrary, EBSCO, and See for a complete listing of financial books.

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3 Ways to Lower Your Medical Debt

Falmouth, ME (PRWEB) September 30, 2014

According to federal statistics, about 75 million adults in the U.S. experience problems with medical bills — and more than half of those individuals were contacted last year by a collection agency for unpaid medical debts.

Depending on the severity of a healthcare crisis, medical bills can run into the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. A recent study by the Federal Rerseve found the great majority of medical debts on Americans’ credit reports – more than 85% of them – are for bills less than $ 500.

“Sky-high medical debt often drives people into bankruptcy. But even smaller medical bills can impact one’s credit,” says Judy Sorensen, president of the Association of Credit Counseling Professionals, ACCPros.

“So it’s important for consumers to understand their options,” Sorensen adds.

ACCPros officials recommend the following three ways to help lower your medical debt.

1. Watch Your Budget

Too often, when people create a household budget, they forget to factor in health-related expenses, like co-pays, emergency trips to the doctor or out-of-pocket medical costs that aren’t covered by health insurance.

“Medical expenses that aren’t budgeted for can wreak havoc on your family’s finances,” says Sorensen. As a result, she advises consumers to always include a “medical” category in your monthly budget.

Sorensen also notes that individuals and couples who don’t plan for medical expenses typically wind up putting those bills on credit cards, which can drive a family further into debt. This can frequently be avoided with proper budgeting.

2. Scrutinize Your Medical Bills

Every time you visit a hospital, clinic or healthcare provider, make sure you request a detailed, itemized statement of your bill. Upon receiving it, double-check each and every charge to make sure you’re not overbilled – or even worse, charged for products or services you never received.

To check the trueness of your billing statement, ensure that the dates and times match the times you were actually at a facility. It’s also helpful to make notes about what you did and received during your hospital stay or healthcare appointment. You don’t want to later get billed for shots, injections, medicine or other items that may not have actually been dispensed to you.

Your own notes will help you to later recall the specifics of test, procedures and medicines you received.

“If you see something questionable on your medical bills, contact the provider for an explanation or a removable of that charge,” Sorensen says.

3. Negotiate With Health Care Providers

Most consumers don’t know this, but you can negotiate healthcare costs with a doctor or other healthcare specialist – especially if you do it upfront, before you actually receive medical services. The key is to agree only on a rate that is “reasonable.” Paying $ 5 for a bottle of aspirin might be OK, but $ 25 for that same bottle is ridiculous.

To know “reasonable” rates for procedures, check-ups, exams or surgery, you must know the going rate that a physician would be paid or reimbursed by an insurance company for those services.

Luckily, you can get this information simply by knowing that medical practitioners frequently cut their full-price bills to Medicare rates, which are commonly used as a benchmark for costs. Check Medicare reimbursement rates (i.e. the Medicare Fee for Service Schedule) on the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services web site at: Armed with this knowledge, you can typically get doctors to knock off one-third to one-half of their normal billing rates.

Don’t be afraid to also seek discounts from the hospitals, clinics and healthcare professionals that service you. Such discounts may be available based on your income status, whether or not you’re working or receiving public benefits, or other personal conditions.

Managing medical debt is important to your overall finances and credit standing.

Fortunately, there is one bit of good news regarding medical debt and its impact on your credit. Recently, Fair Isaac, the company that created FICO credit scores, said that it would

This decision came in the wake of a May report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that medical debt collection items on a credit report often don’t accurately reflect a consumer’s creditworthiness.

The member agencies of ACCPros are skilled in working with consumers nationwide who are deep in debt. They are familiar with state and federal laws and can assist Americans with resolving delinquent credit card bills, past due medical accounts and other unpaid obligations.

About ACCPros

The Association of Credit Counseling Professionals, ACCPros, is the credit counseling industry’s newest and fastest growing trade association.

ACCPros hopes to distinguish itself from other associations by placing an emphasis on ethics and compliance and focusing on best practices, quality service, education, training, and professional ethics.

ACCPros member agencies can be a great resource for consumers seeking help managing their debt. Call the toll-free ACCPros Locator Line at 800-635-0553 to speak with a certified credit counselor at an agency licensed/registered in your state.

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