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Keep Your Safeguard Against Bank Identity Theft Solid

The internet has revolutionized the world and the way we do business. Even with all the great things which the internet offers us it is not perfect. There are dangers involved with using the world wide web and one of the most prevalent is bank identity theft. No one is safe from it and that is why you most make an active effort to protect yourself and your loved ones from this world wide problem.

This is a problem that affects everyone globally but just in the United States identity thieves steal more than $ 52 billion a year. These criminals are not just stealing from the rich and powerful but are stealing from everyday people who have been less than careful with their sensitive information. No one is safe from this digital crime spree.

One of the most traditional ways to protect your identity is to shred all the documents which may be used to identify you. This includes credit car statements, bank deposit receipts and other sensitive documents which you would not want falling into the wrong hands. This safeguard alone can go a long ways in protecting your assests.

When you shop online, use only web sites which are safe and secure. You will be able to tell if a web site is secure because a little lock will appear in your URL bar or in one of the corners of the screen. Give yourself the peace of mind which comes with knowing you are doing business online safely.

Always make sure that your anti-virus and and anti-spyware are up to date and are working properly. Computer viruses can creep into your computer and access your personal information. These horrid and unfortunate things can scan your entire computer and then post all of the information found within on the internet.

Another effective thing to do is to talk to your financial institution or credit union about what protection options are available as a service to you. Most of these institutions are actively fighting against bank identity theft. If you are vigilant in keeping yourself protected and if you follow these steps and many more like them, you will minimize your risk of identity theft.

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Identity Theft Statistics To Know And Learn From

If you have been dismissing the occasional identity theft statistics that you might hear on the news, don’t be so quick to ignore them. The sad fact is that people are victimized by identity theft every single day. However, the good news is that you can acquaint yourself with some of those identity theft statistics in an effort to protect yourself.

The first of the important identity theft statistics to know is that, in the US, there are three states that seem to be more prone to identity theft victims than any of the other forty-seven US states.

The most troublesome identity theft state seems to be Florida. This is a state that is home to many elderly citizens who tend to make good targets for identity thieves.

After Florida, the two next states that the identity theft statistics indicate are at the highest risks are Arizona and Texas. So, if you happen to be a resident of those three states, you should be especially on your guard.

Identity theft statistics are important to know, but you shouldn’t take them too literally. For example, if you aren’t a member of the above three states, don’t think that you’re safe. Your personal information is still very much at risk.

For example, credit card fraud is the most common form of identity theft, according to statistics from 2009. However, credit card theft only makes up about 17% of all identity thefts, as of the time of that poll.

What that means is that you are vulnerable to identity theft in many other ways. Employment fraud made up 13% of the complaints, for example. Meanwhile, utilities and phone fraud accounted for 15%. Still, though, that’s only 45% total.

According to identity theft statistics, the other 55% consisted of 16% government document fraud, 10% bank fraud and 4% loan fraud, among other types of identity theft. That’s why it’s so important to protect your personal information from thieves, no matter what you are doing.

Now that you know some important identity theft statistics, you can be on your guard. Shred personal documents and be careful of how you give out your personal information.

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How to Prevent Cybercrime and Identify Theft

Scores of people become victims of cybercrime on a yearly basis. Learn how to skillfully avoid cybercrime and identification theft these days at DeVry University through our computer system information methods level programs.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Self?

Explains the actions you can take to safeguard yourself from identity theft.

Identification theft is a serious criminal activity. It occurs when your private info is taken and employed without your understanding to dedicate fraudulence or other crimes. Identification theft will set you back money and time. It can destroy your credit and
spoil your good title.
Deter identity thieves by safeguarding your details.
? Shred monetary documents and documents with private information before you decide to discard them.
? Safeguard your personal Security number. Cannot carry your Social Security card within wallet or write your personal safety number on a check. Give it on as long as essential or ask to utilize another identifier.
? Don’t hand out private information regarding the phone, through mail, or higher the net until you
understand who you really are coping with.
? Never select backlinks submitted unsolicited emails;
instead, type in an internet target you know. Utilize fire walls,
anti-spyware, and anti-virus pc software to protect
your house computer system; keep them current.
See to find out more.
? Don’t use an obvious code such as your delivery time,
your mother’s maiden name, or even the final four digits
of your Social safety number.
? Keep your personal information in a protected spot
in the home, particularly if you have actually roommates, use outside help, or are having work carried out in your house.
Reduce the chances of ID theft when you suspect it.
? spot a “Fraud Alert” on your credit history, and review the reports very carefully. The aware informs lenders
to follow specific procedures before they start brand new records in your title or make modifications to your present reports. The three across the country consumer reporting companies have actually toll-free numbers for placing a preliminary 90-day fraud aware; a call to one organization is sufficient:
Equifax: 1-800-525-6285
Experian: 1-888-EXPERIAN (397-3742)
TransUnion: 1-800-680-7289
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Privacy Is Dead: What You Can Still Do to Protect Yourself
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Terrebonne General Clinic Implements RightPatient? Biometric Patient Identification Safety and Data Integrity Program with McKesson EHR

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) June 09, 2015

RightPatient® announced today that Terrebonne General infirmary (TGMC) has actually implemented their client identification administration, information integrity, and health security platform utilizing iris recognition to boost patient security criteria, prevent the development of duplicate health files, and deter medical identification theft. Terrebonne is utilizing the RightPatient® identity administration system through the entire medical center, including diligent identification into the crisis division, and inpatient and outpatient admissions.

After mindful evaluation of several biometric patient identification solutions, including an in depth evaluation of backend search capabilities additionally the health risks of contact vs. non-contact biometric equipment, TGMC made a decision to deploy RightPatient® with iris biometrics. The answer enables Terrebonne staff to recover a precise and full medical record simply by using a patient’s picture, providing peace-of-mind the greatest amount of treatment may be administered. The hospital may also get significant cost savings by avoiding the development of duplicate and overlay medical records, mitigating patient fraud, and streamlining the check-in process.

“Implementation regarding the RightPatient® client identity administration platform is a vital step to boost patient safety criteria at TGMC,” said Phyllis Peoples, president and CEO. “We tend to be focused on adopting technologies that help our goal of protecting patients and supplying our staff using chance to administer the highest top-notch treatment.”

“We remain centered on our core goal to help increase diligent protection and bolster the stability of medical information through the power and flexibility of RightPatient®,” stated Michael Trader, Co-Founder and President of RightPatient®. “Working closely with TGMC staff, we were able to modify RightPatient® for his or her particular McKesson EHR system workflows and effortlessly retrieve patient files after successful identifications, helping to increase patient protection and get rid of the danger of medical identification theft.”


About RightPatient®

RightPatient® is the industry’s many versatile and scalable biometric patient protection, patient data integrity, and safe individual health information system. Interfaces currently exist for assorted EHR systems, including Epic, Cerner, McKesson, Siemens, Meditech, CPSI and more. With customers that function over 30 million annual diligent visits and backed by 13 years of expertise in health, biometrics, integration and large-scale projects, our company is focused on development and enabling our consumers to improve diligent safety, protect client privacy, raise diligent wedding, and enhance performance by safeguarding client identities from every interacting with each other touchpoint.



John Trader

Director of Communications



Terrebonne General Medical Center

Rhonda Alfred

Director of Advertising and Thinking



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Some Tips On Finding Identity Theft Prevention Coupon Codes

Consumers can easily save money today in many different ways. If you would like to save money today, you just need to use a coupon when you buy products. Even if you are purchasing products like Identity Truth, you can save a great deal of money on you purchase. Before you can start reaping the benefits of these discounts though, you need to learn how to find and use an Identity Truth Review.

There are many businesses that distribute coupons online today. The best sites you can use are the large special deal advertisers. These sites are great resources for consumers who want to save money, because they literally have thousands of great deals available for consumers who want to save money on their purchases.

There are hundreds of sites online today that provide information about coupons. These sites also give thousands of tremendous special deals to their customers. If you are looking for a great deal on all of the products you buy, you should certainly check out the offerings on these websites before you make a purchase.

There are some instances where these Identity Theft businesses do not have every discount that is available listed though. In order to ensure you are looking at the very best offers on the market right now, you should take a look at what other discount businesses have available. Some companies list newer discounts and hard to find discounts when their competitors do not.

Once you check out a couple of these sites, you will have a very good picture of the discounts that are currently being offered. In order to reap your savings though, you generally need to make your purchase quickly, because many special offers have expiration dates attached to them. If an offer expires, you will no longer be able to buy your products for those listed prices.

While you are reviewing the offers that are listed on these sites, you should also take time to review the expiration dates of each discount. Many companies only make special deals available to their customers for very limited periods of time. By reviewing the expiration dates now, you can be certain that you are not missing out on any great deals.

After entering the codes you found, the price of the products you are buying should be discounted. If the price is left unchanged, there is a chance that the discount was already reflected in the advertised price. There is also the possibility that the code was entered incorrectly or it has expired already.

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