Eating disorder counseling

Some people eat, eat and just continue eating! Some people find that they can go hours at an end without ingesting a single particle of food. And some people eat as if it’s just an obligation.

More and more cases of eating disorders are coming up in today’s world. Some blame it to the fast paced life and some blame it to the decreasing nutritional value and increasing artificiality of food itself. Whatever be the issue, the number of cases of people going for eating disorder counseling is increasing by the day.

Eating disorders are basically a set of conditions in which eating habits have become abnormal. The abnormality includes either eating too much or too little. The conditions are generally dependant on mental conditions (stress, anxiety etc.) more than they are on physical conditions. Eating disorders have been found to affect women more than men. A statistic shows that for every 5 or 10 women affected by any type of eating disorder, there is 1 man with the same condition. Although these disorders affect both, women are found to be more prone to contract them, especially women of developed western countries—so it seems that westernization has an impact on this condition.

The exact causes of eating disorders cannot be clearly defined as they may be dependent on various situations. One research deduced that people with ADHD were more likely to have eating disorders than people without ADHD. Another study showed that foster kids were more likely to develop a variant of these disorders called the ‘bulimia nervosa’. Some also find that stress, anxiety, tension at home or at the work place are also contributing factors. Sometimes people also wish to achieve a certain physical build and go on an abnormal diet which causes irregular eating habits. Research has also blamed genetic or hereditary factors.

Proper treatment at any eating disorder treatment center may lead to recovery by curbing specific types of the disorders. Eating disorders are not a matter of joke as they may lead severe consequences like suicidal thinking and even death.

It is of the notion that most people are born with eating disorders and biological, environmental and psychological factors contribute significantly. Nonetheless, eating disorders alters the physical build and thus changes a person’s thinking about oneself, towards the negative side. One loses confidence is oneself and it’s all downhill from there.