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Image from page 316 of “The useful work of a bank : a treatise on useful banking which aims to show the basic concepts of cash, the practical work of a lender in detail, and specifically, credit with its reference to financial operations” (1915)
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Title: The useful work of a bank : a treatise on practical financial which aims to show might maxims of income, the useful work of a bank at length, and specifically, credit with its relation to banking businesses
Year: 1915 (1910s)
Authors: Kniffin, William Henry, 1873-
Subjects: Banks and banking Bank management Money Bank financial loans
Publisher: New York : Bankers Pub.
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in publishing to wrong account, or omitting a check, itwill here be detected. On close associated with the thirty days the vouch-ers tend to be inspected back using statements, and a balancestruck, as well as the sheet with vouchers delivered to the depositor for THIRTY DAYS OF In Account with 3rtii«g National lank P«EW YORK. Previous balance and credits the following $ ? Total of – Debits as per machine list . Balance forward Please examine simultaneously. If no error is reported within ten times the account may be considered proper C-CollectionDis-DiscountF.X.-Foreign Exchange CREDITS JUST Dote Data Balance Kindly require your declaration on 2ND WORKING DAY OF EACH AND EVERY PERIOD and^ preserve it very carefully utilizing PASS BOOK as Receipt for Deposits. 298 STATEMEXT RENDERED TO DEPOSITORS BANK ACCOUNTING 299 his assistance, the stub staying within the lender. Balances are,of training course, transported over to an innovative new sheet for every depositor asthe basis for the following months work. The addressing ma-chine is coming into play right here as a ready way of Usting

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ADDRESSING MACHINE AXD ITS WORK (bEI.OW) (thanks to the Addressograph Co., Chicago, 111.) the headings for these reports. It is a quick and mostexcellent way of maintaining the records with depositors. Aslip is enclosed, asking the depositor to report promptly thereceipt of vouchers and veiify the balance. fS m ANDERSON & CRAWFORD,1921 BROADWAY, brand new YORK.N.Y ( Business.. Rating….. Customen Catalogues )

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News briefs from about Tennessee at 1:58 am EDT
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