Psychology Counseling – Lie

Question to psychologist:

I really do not like when someone lies me and unfortunately my boyfriend is pathological liar. Since the beginning of our relationship, I noticed that he was lying. 3 months of silence, and then I started talking with him about this. He did not expect that I am so well versed in lying and started to lie and hide everything and more. I was angry, and I wanted very much to leave, but he promised me no more lies. And he stand only 4 months, and again I saw a discrepancy in his stories that his relatives told me quite another story. Friends tell me things that he didn’t said.

I’ve asked him why he is doing that and he says he doesn’t know. Anyway I don’t know what to do. I cannot break up with him and I can not tolerate lies and insulting. Tell me anything what should I do, or even explain why he is lying. For what?


To determine why your boyfriend is a pathological liar, you need to talk to one another.

And, by and large, I have no right to even discuss this issue with both of you.

I can tell that he can only get rid of the quality by himself, if the desire is very strong.

Your criticism and indignation will not change the person, but will creat stable resistance to it that only perpetuates his quality.

Or maybe he is not a liar at all, but a dreamer? And he is just realizing his life through the imagination, because he has no other way of self-realization? You, loving girl, why not figured out with your favorite?

And that’s about you and your problems can talk a lot:

1. Dating a guy 3 Years, he is actively annoying you, and you continue to meet him – How is it called?

2. You judge about the guy with the lowest hand, and what about you?… Something that bothers you, may be is just your personal quality.

3. “I really do not like when someone lies me” As a rule, so say people who have this quality, hiding it or had suffered of it.

People who can not lie, don’t take this quality seriously. Or have fun of it, or do not communicate with the subject at all.

Your guy – is Your mirror.

Worship at his feet, thank him, that “reflected” you, and immediately start work on yourself!