Q&A: What issues more a credit score or the contents of the credit report?

Question by Jennifer K: What issues more the credit score or the contents of the credit report?
If I have a wise credit score however, nonetheless have unpaid collection accounts about my credit report can creditors anticipate me to pay those before they might provide me a mortgage? Or when my credit score is significant does which imply they won’t truly care about much else?

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Answer by OC1999
In the finish it will be as much as the lender because to when they might create we pay it. A lot might rely found on the amount and also the kind of debt. If it was for anything like a healthcare bill they will not, however when it’s for a credit card debt they can need we to pay it off. Their largest worry from them is should you receive sued might we then need to standard found on the mortgage, basically generating we a high risk.

However, the credit score is based about the credit report. So should you have damaging products about the report which is reflected inside a score. How much depends about many factors. However it will be from the average to have a excellent credit score(depending about what we consider high) should you have collection accounts.

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