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Free Credit Report .Com Commercials

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Brand new song from Dr. Dirty. John Valby, Otto & George, and Pretty Paul Parsons will be touring this fall together. The Dirtiest Show in Comedy coming soon to a theater near you.

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All 9 Complimentary Credit Report.Com Commercials

EDIT: obviously the musical organization’s becoming changed because of Experian, the moms and dad organization of FreeCreditReport, forcibly switching the name brand to “”

Right here ya get. Oh yeah, sorry how the video clip flashes sometimes, I tried my most useful but i simply cannot fix-it. Cope with it.

Brand New Job/Pirate Restaurant Industrial:
They state a guy must always dress
To do the job he desires, so
The reason why’m we dressed up like a pirate
Within restaurant?
It’s all because some hacker
Stole my identity
I am just in right here every evening
Serving chowder and iced tea

Shoulda visited:
Free credit history dot com


I coulda seen this coming at me like an atom bomb
They monitor your credit and send you e-mail notifications
Which means you do not find yourself offering seafood to tourists in tees
Provide applies with registration in Triple Advantage.

Dream Girl:
Well we married my fantasy woman
We married my fantasy girl
But she didn’t let me know the woman credit had been bad
So today in place of residing a nice area
We’re residing the basement at her mom and dad’s.

No we cannot get that loan
For a decent residence
Simply because my woman defaulted on an old bank card
When we’d gone to free credit history dot com
I would be a happy bachelor with your pet dog and a yard.
Offer applies with registration in Triple positive aspect.

Brand New Automobile:
Really I happened to be searching for a unique car, which one’s me
A very good convertible or an SUV?
Also bad i did not understand my credit was whack
‘influence I am just operating from the great deal in an used sub-compact.

F-R-E-E, that spells free-
Credit file dot com, baby
Saw their particular advertisements back at my TV
Thought about going but was also sluggish
Today rather than searching fly and rollin’ phat
My legs are adhering to the vinyl and my posse’s getting
Laughed at
F-R-E-E, that spells free-
Credit report dot com, child
Provide applies with enrollment in Triple Advantage.

Take a look, gasoline rates blowing up sky high
Ditched my utilized subcompact for a two-wheeled trip
Now I’m moving eco-friendly but we nonetheless look bad
As soon as the bike shop saw my credit they stated this is all that they had

F to the R toward E toward E into the
C into R towards the E D I T
RE to P O R T toward DOT to your COM
Come-on everyone grab your bicycle and sing along, it is easy
Offer is applicable with enrollment in Triple Advantage.

Rock Celebrity:
When you are a stone celebrity
You get to party difficult
Champagne and caviar
Tricked-out exotic vehicles

It is simply the way I believed it’d be
‘cept the celebration’s perhaps not in my situation
‘influence some punk opened a charge card with my ID

Free exactly what? (no-cost credit!) report dot com (we said it!)
This is the web site I’m going to struck once I go home
They discover how credit works
They send email alerts
Now I’m discovering how bad reality hurts
Offer is applicable with registration in Triple Advantage.

Renaissance Fair:
I was getting despondent ’cause of the many anxiety I was feeling home
Had an unhealthy credit rating and also the quantity would haunt me personally wherever I would go
Thought I’d go on to a location where my credit could stink and nobody would care
I simply wish that a person had said that spot was a Renaissance Fair!
Complimentary Credit File dot com!
Inform your pals, inform your father, let you know mother!
Never ever mind, they have been performing our songs
Since we very first showed up with our pirate caps on!
If you are perhaps not into artificial sword fights
Pointy slippers and green wool tights
Vacation from a knight who knows
Complimentary Credit Report dot com, why don’t we go!
Provide applies with enrollment in Triple Advantage.

Roller Coaster:
Buckle up everyone cause were taking a trip
It may strain your connections and harm your pleasure
Oahu is the credit roller coaster so when you can view it kinda bites therefore sing the lyrics beside me:

If your debt increases, your rating falls,
When you spend only a little off it goes another way around
It is simply exactly the same for all of us every boy and girl,
The credit roller coaster makes you wanna hurl.

So put both hands in the air, and wave ’em around
Like a wannabe frat boy trying to get down
After that deliver em back to in which your laptop computers at.
Get on, stat
Free credit history and report with enrollment in Triple Advantage

Mobile Phone:
Wished to get myself a new mobile
Therefore I could hear myself as a ringtone
Just who knew the shop would go
And look my credit history?
Now all they let me have is it dinosaur!

Hello hello hello, can anybody hear me personally?
I understand I understand I understand, i ought to went to
That’s where we shoulda gone,
Might have got my knowledge on.
No-cost credit history and report with enrollment in Triple Advantage.

We were stuck in a basement apartment
Tiny rooms where in fact the sun never blessed
When we required space for a family group,
Set our sights from the broad, available, west.

Really I thought we’d see sierra vistas
And breathe air pure as new-fallen snow
But my woeful credit rating was a sinker (or stinker?),
Now we lease by the few days in Reno.
Free credit history and report with registration in Triple positive aspect.
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