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Debt Therapy – Credit & Debt Guidance

When you have overwhelming financial obligation, then chances are you know the anxiety it places on you and people near you. Talking to a debt counselor can be like financial obligation therapy.

You don’t get into debt overnight, and you won’t get out of this way often. You could trade the sleeplessness evenings and anxiety over your debt when it comes to comfort that you are getting assistance. But like therapy, you ought to make the call.

A certified financial obligation therapist from Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions can perhaps work to you to understand your debt issues, and help work out an idea to give you away from debt. For more information on their particular free debt guidance solutions, please go to the Clearpoint Credit Counseling possibilities web site:

ClearPoint is just one of the biggest, most-respected credit counseling companies in country – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit business whoever mission would be to market consumer health through financial training.

Clearpoint Credit Guidance Systems
8000 Franklin Farms Drive
Richmond, VA 23229
(800) 750-2227

Credit Counseling and Debt Control Products

Observe nonprofit credit guidance and debt management programs work with this animated movie. We’ll demonstrate getting from debt in a few easy simple steps:

1. Phone or look online for a free credit guidance program. Phone option: talk with an NFCC-certified credit counselor. On line choice: enter information your self on the web without the need to speak to an individual. Online option is available at:

2. Share information about your income, assets and debts. Get an impartial credit card debt relief suggestion which will integrate: signing up for a nonprofit debt management system or personal bankruptcy.

3. If you qualify for the debt administration program, you’ll be eligible for these benefits: lower rates of interest, reduced monthly obligations, one consolidated payment.

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Learn More About Debt Management

Credit counseling and debt administration programs are also described as debt consolidation reduction, simply because they combine your month-to-month debt payments into one payment.

To Start On The Web Nonprofit Credit Rating Guidance, visit:

Credit Counseling Faqs

To Speak with a Nonprofit Credit Counselor, telephone call: 1-800-565-8953

Contact InCharge Debt Solutions
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Credit Guidance 101: Debt Control VS Debt Consolidation

A Debt control Arrange will be the right choice for people that are really struggling to satisfy their debts. For confidential advice from an NFCC trained, licensed therapist, call 1-800-388-2227 or visit

National Debt Relief Discuss Important Matters About Personal Finances

Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA (PRWEB) March 18, 2015

National Debt Relief recently shared in an article published March 5, 2015 some of the things consumers needs to know about their personal finance. The article, titled “5 Things You Absolutely Must Know About Your Personal Finances,” looks at some of the important financial areas people needs to be aware of.

The article points out that as much as some things are left unknown, there are a lot of situations in life where what people don’t know could actually kill them. That spider in the bathroom could actually be a venomous type that can send people in the hospital, or even that pothole could do some serious damage to the car’s axles.

The same concept applies to some financial areas in a person’s life. The article shares that mortgage details should be one of the areas in personal finance that people need to get a good handle of. In particular, the interest rate of the loan needs to be something homeowners understand fully.

It can either be a fixed or variable interest rate and each one has its own pros and cons. A fixed rate protects the homeowners from future increase in rate because they are locked in on the existing rate until they pay-off the loan. Variable rate offers lower interest but it could increase as the years go by.

The credit reports is another area of personal finance that consumers needs to be fully aware of. Apart from being the basis of their credit scores, monitoring their reports can help prevent identity theft. Once they see irregularities in their report like a charge amount that they never made, they can quickly dispute and let their lenders know about it,

Their credit score is also a very important part of their personal finance because this three-digit score characterizes their creditworthiness and how lenders will see them as borrowers. To read the full article, click this link: [

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National Debt Relief Shares Common Causes of Errors in Credit Reports

Miami, FL (PRWEB) October 20, 2014

National Debt Relief recently shared an article, published on October 18, 2014, with some tips on how to deal with an error in the credit report of consumers. The article, titled “4 Possible Reasons Why You Have A Credit Report Error,” explains some of the most common reasons on how mistakes get into consumers’ credit reports.

The article starts off by explaining the importance of a credit report in the lives of consumers. The reports are the main basis of credit scores that reflect on how financially responsible the person is. The higher the score, the better the standing same as the lower the score, the more they are seen as a risk by lenders.

The article also shares that one in every five consumers could have an error in their credit reports. That means an estimate of 40 million consumers encountered problems with their reports. 5%, or 10 million consumers, had severe credit report mistakes that could make them pay more in terms of loan interest rates.

One reason for these mistakes is probably the own doing of the consumer. The article explains the consumers themselves might have a hand in their credit report mistakes. It could be as simple as writing illegibly on the forms and making sure that contact details are unreadable that prevent billing forms from being delivered.

The article also mentions that the lenders might have caused the error in the credit report. If this happens, it is best for consumers to call the attention on the lender in order for them to launch an investigation. Same goes for when the error was caused by the credit bureau itself, the consumer should report it at once to correct the mistake.

Being a victim of identity theft could be another reason for the mistakes in the credit report. Consumers should alert the lenders and the authorities on this as well. To read the rest of the article, click on this link:

Anytime Collect 2015 B2B Debt Collection Software Now Available from e2b teknologies

(PRWEB) February 05, 2015

A new version of Anytime Collect, the popular debt collection software from e2b teknologies, is now available. Anytime Collect 2015 is highlighted by new features to help companies manage business credit with email-based alerts and a statistical cash forecasts.

“Anytime Collect 2015 is a milestone release for our customers and partners,” said e2b teknologies president Lynne Henslee. “Business credit management can be difficult for many businesses. This release provides a much deeper understanding of what’s happening in accounts receivable with new features to manage and monitor credit risk.”

Anytime Collect 2015 includes features to track business credit scores from credit bureaus, internal credit scores, notifications for periodic credit reviews, and color-coding to draw attention to high risk accounts. Further, new document management features are helpful for storing related credit reports, business credit applications, and similar information in a centralized location.

The dashboard has been improved to provide a projected cash receipts forecast which uses customer payment history from the company’s ERP accounting software to predict when open invoices will be paid providing new insights into cash flow forecasts critical to working capital management.

“Accounts receivable shouldn’t be an island in the organization,” Henslee said. “We’ve added a new alerts module which generates email-based notifications to connect everyone with critical account, dispute, and receivable information. Alerts can be setup for virtually anyone including accounting, project management, customer service, shipping, manufacturing, senior executives, or even external bookkeepers or outside sales representatives.”

Additional features available with Anytime Collect 2015 include:

    Embedded Customer Support including a Knowledgebase and Online User Community
    Payment Schedules for management of invoices with special terms or payment plans.
    Document Management with centralized storage for account and invoice documents and files.
    Guest Portal Hyperlink for automated access to a secured self-service portal for customers.
    Procedures providing instructions or call scripts for common credit and collections activities.
    Live Chat integration for users to communicate with customers about their accounts or invoices.
    Scheduled Data Synchronization for Intuit QuickBooks (new for Basic Edition).

About Anytime Collect:

Anytime Collect, published by e2b teknologies, is a leading cloud-based accounts receivables management system integrated to leading ERP accounting systems including Intuit QuickBooks, Epicor, Sage ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, and others. Anytime Collect is designed specifically for businesses selling to other businesses on credit terms to streamline and automate the entire accounts receivable credit and collections process with a return on investment in as little as two months.

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National Credit Card Debt Relief Shares Typical Factors That Cause Errors in Credit File

Nationwide Debt Settlement Shares Common Causes of Mistakes in Credit History
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