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Experian’s “X-ray” Commercial (:30) – How Do Banks See You?

At Experian, we know there’s more to you than just what banks and lenders see. But if you’re not paying attention regularly, you might be missing the things doing damage to your credit. Experian can show you the ins and outs of your credit to help get it back on its feet. Your enrollment in Experian Credit Tracker includes the help to grow your credit knowledge which can lead to brighter credit tomorrows.
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How to file an Experian dispute and remove questionable, derogatory items on your credit report. And how the process works, including why it’s not easy. This is why you hear it’s impossible to repair bad credit. For more check out an article at:

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Experian’s “Selfies” Commercial (:15) – Zooming in on Your Credit

Are there a few skeletons lurking in your credit closet? If you’ve made some missteps with credit in the past, there’s no time like now to turn things around. For information you can trust, turn to Experian to learn about the ins and outs of credit so you can weed out old, bad habits for good and get your credit ready for a close-up. Enrollment in Experian Credit Tracker can help you start today.
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Experian’s “mortgage” industrial (:30) – Credit Swagger


CreditSwagger for days. FICO® Scores are utilized in 90% of credit choices. Therefore just before speak to the financial institution, get a FICO® Score from Experian and #OwnYourSwag…
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