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Patreon Hacked, Experian T-Mobile Hacked, Linux Hacked, and Android Stagefright 2.0! – Threat Wire

Patreon’s Crowdfunding Platform is Hacked, Experian’s T-Mobile Server is Breached, Android Stagefright 2.0 is a thing, and a Linux Denial of Service Attack. All that coming up now on ThreatWire.

Hack Brief: Hackers Steal 15M T-Mobile Customers’ Data From Experian

Stagefright 2.0 Vulnerabilities Affect 1 Billion Android Devices

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Please watch: “Bash Bunny Primer – Hak5 2225”

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The reason why Credit Monitoring Does Not Address the actual Threat Facing Hacked Feds

Why Credit Tracking Does Not Address the true Threat Facing Hacked Feds
Media reports and today lawmakers have said that state actors — most likely from China – be seemingly behind the attack, instead of individuals looking to take advantage of staff members' economic information. Credit tracking, therefore, is an excellent offer but the one that …

Jeff Gelles: Farewell, and beware enduring traps
It's the role associated with the $ 3 billion-a-year ID-theft-protection business – including companies that offer credit monitoring as "protection" from a crime that, wearing another cap, they fuel. Confused? Consider why it's harder to get $ 210 of …

Attention, Hacked And Beleaguered Sony Staffers: Self-Protection Tips

Attention, Hacked And Beleaguered Sony Staffers: Self-Protection Tips
So much of Hollywood runs because of these folks, and the free credit monitoring services they have been given may do very little to stop further victimization. I have seen numerous cases where future attacks are focused on the 'little guy,' who was …

Customer Information Stolen at Staples
As a result, and in light of Staples' commitment to protecting its customers, Staples is offering free identity protection services, including credit monitoring, identity theft insurance, and a free credit report, to customers who used a payment card …
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Michigan court dismisses lawsuit over leaked medical records
But the appeals court reversed the decision in an opinion released Friday. A three-judge panel says an invasion of privacy claim can't stand when the act was not intentional. The court says the plaintiffs also aren't entitled to reimbursement for …
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SC usually provide company credit monitoring following accounts hacked

SC may provide company credit monitoring following accounts hacked
Governor Nikki Haley up-to-date South Carolina citizens found on the protection breach found on the state Department of Revenue again Wednesday. She mentioned beginning Friday there is online monitoring for the around 657,000 companies which could have been …
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How To Get Free Credit Monitoring And Freeze The Credit
Because the state announced almost 4 million of the taxes records were hacked, we've been advising we to take benefit of free credit monitoring. But 3 weeks following the truth, we're hearing a great deal of excuses. "We have not finalized up for it, my spouse …
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