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Handling consumers in the market meltdown – 8 Top ideas to Help You handle your prospects

During these challenging monetary times, many of us are aware how important and value efficient it’s to retain existing customers and build future loyalty whenever acquiring new business. Many small to medium-sized enterprises discover that while they grow, to make sure performance and effectiveness, it’s important to go from informal systems to more efficient computer system based documents. This helps to ensure that the data is up to date and precise, connections manufactured whenever assured and staff can access main records, for persistence. To deliver a quality solution to consumers, you and your staff must:

1 discover contact information quickly – even if the client initiates surprise mobile call, you ought to preserve an environment of performance by locating details quickly. This may prompt you concerning that is phoning, from where organization and offers records from past conversations!

2 Save time – do not reinvent the wheel! A database allows queries becoming saved and used time and time again.

3 e-mail – save your time and ensure blanket coverage by sending email messages direct from contact information. This is one document such as for example a newsletter that will be provided for everyone within database by the press of a button, or individual communications delivered to individual customers.

4 maintain obvious documents – if you want to provide a specialist solution, you simply cannot reply on a messy assortment of scribbled notes plus a random collections of Post-Its, held in various locations and on occasion even by several different individuals! Consistency and easier accessibility need to be the order associated with time. A pc based system can really help store e-mails, records from phone calls, letters, conferences diaried an such like and recall them at touch of a button.

5 Target your marketing – marketing and advertising has become probably much more vital than in the past, nonetheless it is costly when it comes to both money and time. Make sure that all marketing and advertising and sales tasks are because targeted as you can, by mailing certain areas from your own database.

6 Use post merge – setup your very own direct-mail campaigns to market special deals, exhibitions, vouchers, or any other advertising and marketing activities. Remember, you’ll need a critical mass of men and women hear about your offers, to help ensure marketing projects succeed!

7 generate task lists – start daily with a definite variety of what to be performed and make certain that every vow to ring litigant by a particular day is honoured. Ensure you always remember that follow-up phone or mislay contact details again!

8 Always make sure staff gain access to consistent records – anyone from your business just who speaks to consumers must be able to access consumer records. Folks are busy and desire to achieve their particular outcome in one single call where possible, so help them to do this. All relevant staff involved in service distribution need to find out of the promises or deals made, for them to make sure successful, timely delivery.

I hope that this article provides you with ideas to help operate a competent and lucrative company!

SubscriberWise has help and Expertise to Ohio Senator Scott Oelslager and popular Pleas Judge Elinore Marsh Stormer

Massillon, OH (PRWEB) June 03, 2015

SubscriberWise®, a number one supplier of analytics driven subscriber choice administration technology plus the nation’s largest issuing customer reporting agency the communications industry, announced today your business president provides help and expertise to an Ohio lawmaker and a typical Pleas Judge, regarding alleged fraudulence into the credit industry.

In accordance with SubscriberWise, this particular fraudulence has actually effected lenders, financial institutions, and organizations every-where. Due to a lack of legal tasks for people in nearly all condition and considering technology weaknesses into the credit system, the fraudulence is practically never ever caught or exposed. Inside U.S.A., it’s a federal crime to:

rest on a credit or loan application
misrepresent one’s Social Security quantity
acquire an EIN from IRS under false pretenses.

“I battle on the part of the millions people who are victims of fraudulence each year,” stated David Howe, president of SubscriberWise. “I’ve called Senator Oelslager’s workplace to tell and educate him about safeguarding the people of his state. I’ve high expectations the Senator to think about my advice properly. I hope other states follow our lead.

“Last 12 months I came across because of the Honorable Elinore Marsh Stormer and her court administration in Akron, Ohio,” carried on Howe. “We discussed many of the exact same things I plan to cover because of the Senator. I conveyed the dangers with this problem and each respected the severity for the matter.

“I enjoy working together with both events to offer solutions having a confident and permanent result,” concluded Howe.

About SubscriberWise and David Howe-

SubscriberWise® launched due to the fact very first U.S. providing consumer reporting company exclusively when it comes to cable industry in 2006. In 2009, SubscriberWise and TransUnion revealed a joint advertising and marketing agreement for the benefit of America’s separate cable operators. These days SubscriberWise is a risk administration preferred-solutions supplier for National Cable Television Cooperative (

David Howe features revealed and right confronted a huge selection of kid, synthetic, and true-name identification theft situations in his near two-decade job. Howe has furnished identity fraudulence information and education to just about any level of law enforcement including FBI representatives, authorities detectives, prosecutors, and judges.

Since 2003, Howe was consulted by every leading communications operator in the nation including Sprint, Time Warner, Mediacom, TDS Telecom, Metrocast, Atlantic Broadband, Armstrong, Antietam, Comporium, Grande, Cincinnati Bell, Eagle Communications, ImOn, BendBroadband, NPG, NewWave, GTA Teleguam, GVTC, Cable ONE, Shentel, and many others.

Howe’s unbridled enthusiasm and demonstrated expertise with credit and danger administration is found everywhere in the industry today. Industry-wide the internet good cash flow for providers making use of SubscriberWise is measured in tens of millions of dollars annually. SubscriberWise safeguards huge amounts of bucks of capital assets and development charges for operators across the country. These days, SubscriberWise’s award-winning technology touches a U.S. customer every min of every hour of any time.

SubscriberWise is a U.S.A. federally licensed trademark for the SubscriberWise Limited Liability Co.


David Howe, 330-880-4848 Ext: 137

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Cop Filed Fake Reports to Help Clean Up Customers' Credit History

Cop Filed Fake Reports to Help Clean Up Customers' Credit History
Rafael Duran, a 43-year veteran of the Miami-Dade Police Department, was indicted today on charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and other wire fraud offenses. The officer had partnered with a credit repair business and filed fake police reports …
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NACSO Applauds Injunction against Fraudulent Credit Repair Services
The National Association of Credit Services Organizations, NACSO, supports and applauds the Federal Trade Commission's complaint and injunction (Civil Action Number: CV15-01921-DDP-PJW filed in The Central District of California Federal Court) …
Read more on Virtual-Strategy Magazine (press release) Releases New Survey About Important Factors
San Francisco, CA — (ReleaseWire) — 04/14/2015 — (BCRC) released a new survey about the most important factors potential clients look for in credit repair companies. The BCRC team released this survey to get a better …
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High-Risk Business in Midst of Peak Season: Payscout remarks on Risk control providers that help Travel Agents in Navigating Potential debts

L . A ., CA (PRWEB) March 27, 2015

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, in 2012 the U.S. travel and tourism industry created nearly $ 1.5 trillion in financial output. This task supported 7.8 million U.S. jobs, and accounted for seven per cent of all U.S. exports. Although the most task on the market is domestic, expenses by worldwide site visitors in america created nearly $ 166 billion in sales and a trade excess greater than $ 47 billion. (1)

The need for travel agents—and the options for them when you look at the market—continues to grow. Just a week ago, including, Airlines for The united states (A4A), a trade band of U.S. airline carriers, predicted that travel in March and April of 2015 increases about two per cent, to about 2.2 million passengers per day. In its statement, A4A attributed the rise in springtime flights to increasing U.S. work and personal incomes, an improving economic climate, the highest consumer belief in ten years, therefore the continued affordability of air travel. (2)

With additional opportunity, though, comes increased threat. The primary reason behind this, claims Payscout CEO Cleveland Brown, is individuals are statistically very likely to dispute and charge back travel company fees than other types of deals, leading agencies to be placed in equivalent risk category as merchants selling adult items, escort and friend services, fortune telling, and activities forecasting or odds making. “The risks tend to be genuine,” states Brown. “As a sales broker for an airline, for instance, an agency might-be accountable for the whole amount of an airline solution if it were successfully disputed or were bought with a stolen charge card.” Another layer of risk may be the future deliverable of item. A person may buy travel as much as a year ahead of time, which simply leaves the deal to chargeback visibility up to the full time of travel and another half a year to-year after travel, if customer isn’t satisfied with the services.

This threat probably will remain a part of the vacation company business when it comes to foreseeable future. “Until credit card acceptance principles are materially changed,” say vacation lawyers Norman Bluth and Mercedes Ozcan, “travel agencies are at threat when a client perpetrates a fraud. With all this truth, the simplest way to be protected against credit card fraud is to understand your client. A travel company needs to get as much information that you can from the customers, and react to debit memos and chargebacks in a few days of receiving notice of such.” (3)

Travel companies can really help their customers prevent the risk of fraud whilst travelling, which helps build interactions and mutual trust—and may lower chargebacks. A current United States Of America Today feature on identity theft details some ideas agencies provides their clients, like avoiding no-cost, insecure Wi-Fi communities; disabling a good phone’s ability to instantly connect with hot places; locking the telephone with a password; using cash whenever we can; and avoiding street-corner ATMs. (4)

When working with its consumers inside risky vacation industry, Payscout assists companies place feasible danger habits, simply take preventive steps, and shield their businesses while continuing to process repayments smoothly. Payscout’s goal is allow its customers to keep competitive while taking advantage of the growth options within their business.

“Travel,” says Brown, “is a thriving—and essential—industry in america. However, it brings along with it many dilemmas about which business members must be very careful. As far as charge card processors are concerned, vacation companies are among the highest-risk merchants, meaning new vacation agencies have great difficulty starting a merchant account that allows them to take care of credit card deals. We highly encourage merchants inside area to work with a merchant supplier who’s experienced in managing danger.”

As with any risky activity, an ounce of prevention is really worth a lb of cure. The absolute most effective vacation companies, Brown records, teach their workers in proper application of bank card acceptance guidelines, and possess them use these methods on a consistent foundation. While specific treatments will be different from agency to agency, at a minimum, agency administration should be cautious to set aside large-value bookings for fraudulence analysis, track and shop key faculties of most understood fraudulence deals, and very carefully display high-risk bookings, like those in which the passenger in addition to cardholder have actually various brands, or whenever day of vacation is significantly less than six days after the day of acquisition.

About Payscout, Inc.:

“Payscout aids the Entrepreneurial fantasy One exchange at any given time.”

Payscout is a worldwide vendor service provider (MSP) and payment supplier (PSP) with tier-one bank sponsorships in the us, Latin The united states, Caribbean, Asia-Pacific and Europe. Providing tiny to medium companies (SMBs) and enterprise organizations alike, Payscout offers payment processing solutions for brick-and-mortar and e commerce transactions. The organization features obtained acclaim as a new-generation supplier of merchant banking services, devoted to online/eCommerce retailers with a predominant proportion of card-not-present (CNP) deals; and it’s also mostly of the providers to provide a true international repayment option that encompasses all vendor threat verticals. Clients can access Payscout’s charge card handling solutions via a state-of-the-art, web-based user portal and through direct interactions with experienced experts. In addition to supporting huge number of clients across a variety of industries and all 50 states, Payscout keeps global partnerships with VISA United States Of America, Bank of The united states vendor Services, VISA Europe, VISA Latin The united states, VISA Asia Pacific, MasterCard internationally, China Union Pay, Deutsche Bank, very first information and Payscout Brazil. Payscout had been seen as among America’s fastest-growing privately held businesses in 2014, ranking #2,416 on Inc. magazine’s Inc. 5000 list. Within the economic services business, Payscout put #140 nationwide and #24 in Ca. To find out more, visit

1. U.S. Department of Commerce, Industry Snapshots, 2013.

2. Dallas Day Information, March 11, 2015

3. “how to proceed towards costly problem of cost straight back fraudulence,” Travel marketplace Report, September 26, 2013.

4. United States Of America Today, May 15, 2014.

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How Do Identity Protection Services Help Victims of Identity Theft?

Unfortunately it is impossible to provide a 100% protection from identity theft, as this type of crime involves too many different variables, and your personal information can be stored in a number of databases and resources that are either in the public domain or outside of your control (such as government, employer and financial institution records). Therefore it is very important that as well as choosing identity theft protection services that can help protect your personal information from thieves, you also choose a service that provides adequate cover and support just in case your identity is stolen.

$ 1 Million Service Guarantees
Most of the leading identity protection services such as LifeLock, Identity Guard and ID Patrol offer service guarantees, which will protect members in the event their identity is compromised, and will provide up to $ 1 million towards resolving your case. This can help you to pay for any debts, charges and legal fees that you may have to pay to restore your good credit name, but you will need to check each individual policy carefully for any limitations or exclusions.

Specialist Support
An essential aspect of the identity protection recovery services is the support provided by dedicated identity theft specialist teams, who can help victims through the difficult and often time consuming process or sorting out any fraudulent activity on their credit reports and existing accounts, and regaining control of their identity. Look for identity protection services that provide a good range of contact options (phone, fax, email and mail) and also a 24/7 customer services desk so that you can start sorting out any problems as soon as you discover them. Services that provide good websites are also very useful, as they will have member’s centers and FAQ pages that provide answer to common questions and problems, which can save you having to contact the help desk for simple, routine queries.

Learn How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft and Mobile Hacking 1of2 @McAfeeConsumer

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SubscriberWise Implores President Obama to help with a Legislative Effort to Require Federal Agencies to Create an Index of Living Childrens Social security Numbers to Substantially Reduce Fraud and Exploitation

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) October 11, 2014

SubscriberWise®, a leading provider of analytics-driven subscriber decision management technology and the nation’s largest issuing consumer reporting agency for the communications industry, announced today that the company founder is asking the President of the United States to leverage his Office and his persuasive power to help advance a proposed legislative initiative that would dramatically reduce child identity theft.

Read the latest news that exposes the State of Ohio’s failure to advocate and protect a 14-year-old child:

“Today I am respectfully asking the President of the United States to give careful consideration and attention to this urgent child safety initiative,” said David Howe, president of SubscriberWise. “I’m requesting President Obama’s help passing a child safety law that is focused on protecting a minor’s social security number through technology solutions and educational initiatives.”

“I will also use this opportunity to advise Mr. Obama and the First Lady that their daughters may be vulnerable to identity thieves, just like children who are exploited every day in this country,” continued Howe. “But unlike the Obama children and the children of resourceful and powerful women and men, the overwhelming majority of children who become victims of this under-reported and rarely-prosecuted crime, they almost never have a voice or advocacy. These children suffer the consequences alone,” emphasized Howe.

“The police, the prosecutors, the national credit bureaus, business and creditors – none of these organizations is initially aware that a social security number submitted with a credit application or presented to law-enforcement may belong to a living minor child. That’s inexcusable,” declared Howe.

“And if it’s ever confirmed that a child’s identity was stolen, it’s often too late,” argued Howe.


“Over the course of an entire decade, I’ve engaged and educated hundreds of child identity thieves. Contrary to FTC publication on child identity theft, it’s almost always the parent, guardian, or relative of the minor who perpetrates the crime,” explained Howe. “It’s rarely a random thief who just happened upon the child’s personal information.”

“It’s obvious to me from many years’ experience that we as a nation are not doing enough to manage this problem,” insisted Howe. “I’m convinced that Congress – and President Obama – must immediately focus their time and resources to help minimize this problem.”

“As the founder of a national Issuing CRA and a witness to technology solutions, it’s my strong position that a child-SSN index, along with a federal educational initiative, is critical to impacting this problem,” Howe concluded.    

About David Howe and SubscriberWise

David Howe is a consultant and credit manager for MCTV ( During his 18-year career at MCTV, Howe has reviewed more than 50,000 credit submissions. His interest in credit began in 1986 while a 17-year old student in high school.

Howe is the only known individual – living or deceased – to have obtained simultaneous perfect FICO 850 scores across every national credit bureau. Howe has also obtained multiple perfect Vantage 990 scores. Howe has obtained FICO Professional Certification and is also the first and only citizen of the world to describe and report the details of the perfect FICO score to a U.S. reporter.

Howe produced and published two videos on the subject of perfect credit: FICO 850 Credit Report Facts and FICO Scores: The Facts. The first general-purpose FICO scores were debuted nearly a quarter century ago.

SubscriberWise® launched as the first U.S. issuing consumer reporting agency exclusively for the cable industry in 2006. In 2009, SubscriberWise and TransUnion announced a joint marketing agreement for the benefit of America’s independent cable operators. Today SubscriberWise is a risk management preferred-solutions provider for the National Cable Television Cooperative.

SubscriberWise contributions to the communications industry are today quantified in the tens of millions of dollars annually.

SubscriberWise is a U.S.A. federally registered trademark of the SubscriberWise Limited Liability Co.



David E. Howe, +1 330-880-4848 Ext: 137

Credit Rating Tips: Steps to help your credit score. If you’re asking yourself “how to” or looking for tips to improve your credit rating, you’ve already taken the first step. It means…

Corporate Social Responsibility 101: Working Wardrobes Offers CSR Tips to Help Businesses Make a Big Impact

(PRWEB) July 15, 2014

The employment experts at Working Wardrobes recently outlined the benefits of businesses having a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan, and offered tips to help implement one – to make a big impact over the long haul. The Orange County, California-based nonprofit that provides career readiness and life skills services to men, women, young adults and veterans facing difficult life challenges, says that in addition to having a positive impact on the communities in which we live, CSR can boost business too.

“Today, an increasing number of companies measure success by social and environmental impact, in addition to profits,” said Jerri Rosen, founder and CEO of Working Wardrobes. “CSR serves a number of purposes – from enabling an organization to stay compliant with business ethics and the law, furthering goodwill by giving back to the community, or by being environmentally responsible.”

Rosen said that before getting started, businesses should consider the benefits that a solid CSR strategy can bring, including:

    A positive reputation and increased brand awareness.
A recent study1 found that a majority of consumers are willing to recommend companies they believe are delivering on their social responsibility programs. And another study2 found that one in three consumers use social media to share positive information about companies and issues, and one in four use social media to share negative information. In today’s word-of-mouth-world, positive opinions about a company can help boost its reputation quickly and significantly.

    Increased sales and ultimately, enhanced revenue.
Today, CSR is also driving consumer behavior and purchases. If given the choice between two products of similar price and quality, most consumers will switch brands to one that supports a good cause2. Consumers will also boycott a brand if they learn of the company’s irresponsible business practices2.

    Improved recruitment, retention, and overall business processes.
Studies show that employee morale and loyalty increase when the company they work for offers opportunities through CSR initiatives3. And since companies look to hire the most talented employees, and many prospective employees seek organizations to work for based on what that company’s social conscious is, CSR also serves as a tool for employee engagement. Many companies are now encouraging their employees, at all levels, to get involved by volunteering and/or offering pro bono services, and the positive results are tenfold. Employees who feel good about the company they work for tend to be more engaged, which can lead to increased productivity.

    The positive results of making a real impact.
Simply put, affecting positive change is good for everyone involved. When a company helps change something for the better, by way of long-term corporate partnerships, monetary donations, or by offering volunteer services, the community as a whole improves.

Daniel J. McQuaid, President & CEO of OneOC, a nonprofit that accelerates nonprofit success through volunteer, training, consulting, and business services, says that all companies can benefit from implementing Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

“CSR opportunities are great for all size companies,” said McQuaid. “Many of our larger employers are already doing a wonderful job addressing our community’s urgent and unmet needs. However, we believe there is significant opportunity for more mid-size companies to follow suit. In Orange County, there are 4,500 companies with 50 to 1,000 employees that have an enormous potential to transform the landscape of our community through implementing giving and volunteering activities. For these companies, mobilizing CSR efforts can be an easy and effective way to build their teams and reap the benefits of being a good corporate citizen.”

McQuaid and Rosen point to the Civic 50, an annual study released by Bloomberg Business, National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC) and Points of Light, which identifies the nation’s most community-minded businesses4. The study evaluated S&P 500 corporations and how they best used company philanthropy and employee volunteerism to impact their employees, customers, and communities. The Civic 50 were evaluated on the following key dimensions:

1)    Make the commitment.

Once a company decides to focus on CSR initiatives, it should commit to putting a plan in place and carrying it out. Buy in from all levels of management is critical.

2)    Invest strategically.

Companies should decide how extensively (and in what ways) they can best apply their resources to give back to, and improve, the community.

3)    Complement your business.

A successful CSR initiative will complement and support a company’s own business interests. Companies should work to identify community engagement opportunities that align closely with their business goals.

4)    Foster the culture.

Companies with success in CSR have done their best to embed the spirit of giving into their corporate culture by incorporating it within company policies. They invite employees to participate in volunteer opportunities within the community, and many companies are now evaluating employee performance in part based on their participation with the company’s community engagement.

5)    Measure the impact.

It’s really not enough to have and implement CSR initiatives. Measuring the impact is vitally important. Gauging the performance of its community engagement allows a company to see where it is successful and where it is making an impact, what it can do to increase or enhance the impact, and what is working and what is not to optimize performance.

“Joining forces with a nonprofit organization is a great way to give back to the community, and finding a like-minded organization that aligns with the company’s mission, goals, or business interests enhances a CSR strategy,” said Rosen.

Jeff Coats, president and CEO of Irvine-based Autobytel Inc., pioneer of the automotive Internet and the company dedicated to connecting automotive consumers with dealers, says his organization signed on to support Working Wardrobes after creating T.E.A.M. ABT (The Employee Advocacy Members of Autobytel), an internal “Good Works Council” to focus its CSR efforts and to identify local charities to support.

“We firmly believe in the employment services Working Wardrobes provides to people overcoming difficult challenges, and we are continually impressed by the improvements Jerri and her team are making in our community,” said Jeff Coats, president and CEO of Irvine-based Autobytel Inc. “Working Wardrobes has served the Southern California community for nearly 25 years, and we’re proud to support its efforts in helping people in need find jobs. We encourage other businesses to offer their support as well.”

To learn more about the services Working Wardrobes provides, visit the nonprofit’s website at, or call (714) 210-2460.

1 Reputation Institute’s 2013 Global CSR RepTrak® 100 study, October 2013:

2 2013 Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study:

3 Society for Human Resource Management, BSR and Aurosoorya Report:

4 Orange County Business Journal 2014 Giving Guide:

About Working Wardrobes

Working Wardrobes is an independent nonprofit organization empowers men, women, veterans, and young adults overcoming difficult challenges to confidently enter the workforce and achieve self-sufficiency. The organization provides career training, job placement assistance, and professional wardrobe services in an environment of dignity and respect.

Since 1990, Working Wardrobes has grown to serve over 75,000 men, women, veterans, and young adults overcoming difficult challenges including alcohol and substance abuse, prison re-entry, homelessness, catastrophic illness, and traumatic financial losses. It assists CalWorks recipients, clients of social service agencies, and individuals in 60 shelters or programs in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Inland Empire. The Working Wardrobes social enterprise model serves as an example of self-sustainability to organizations nationwide.

Working Wardrobes’ current board of directors includes (in alphabetical order by last name): Derek Benson, Union Bank; Jodi Chavez, Accounting Principials; Anna Conrekas, US Bank; John Dickson, QBE North America, Inc.; Mandi Dossin, DGWB; Eric Eng, Experian; Harry Humphries, GSGI, Inc.; Bob Hurley; Stephen Kelley, Health Essentials, LLC; Michelle Koontz, Fluor; Darryl Martin, Sentinel Offender Systems, LLC; Emily Reynolds, ADP; Jerri Rosen, CEO, Working Wardrobes; Parker Schweich, Dorsey & Whitney, LLP; Jeffrey Shepherd, Hughes Marino, Inc.; Kim Shepherd, Decision Toolbox; Rich Shugg, Autobytel, Inc.; Carrie Swanson, The Boeing Company; Sandy Theriault, UPS; Patrick Tillich, Park West Landscape, Inc.; and Mike N. Vo, Law Offices of Mike N. Vo.

About OneOC

OneOC, formerly Volunteer Center Orange County, is a nonprofit 501c3 organization committed to accelerating nonprofit success through volunteer, training, consulting and business services. Serving Orange County, California, OneOC provides support and solutions to more than 650 nonprofit organizations and community initiatives each year. Building on a 52-year history of mobilizing volunteer action, the organization announced its new name on September 15, 2010 to signal the expansion of its integrated service offerings to help nonprofits become as effective and efficient about their mission as they are passionate. OneOC is affiliated with Points of Lights Institute and HandsOn Network, enabling participation in national community service initiatives and connection to a larger movement of change. For more information, visit

Refinance Experts At Blue Home Loans Inc. Help Homeowners Take Advantage Of Todays Low Rates

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) May 26, 2014

Blue Home Loans Inc. is a California mortgage company that has been helping borrowers to find the best possible home loans for many years. With their expertise in mortgage refinance the team at Blue Home Loans, headed by the father and son duo Robert and Brandon Blue, has saved homeowners hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of their loans. Now, with their recently updated loan refinance services, and their new resources, some of which are not yet available with other lenders, the company can better help those who wish to take advantage of today’s low mortgage interest rates or who wish to refinance to better loan terms.

The Blue Home Loans website now states: “A home refinance loan can not only improve your current rate and terms, but can give you a chance to change the type of loan you are in, increasing your loan payoff time. Refinancing your home loan enables you to replace your existing home loan with a new home loan with better terms while giving you the opportunity to get cash back from the equity you have built in your home. Using the equity in your home is a powerful tool that can help you improve your overall financial well being and pay off high interest loans, debts, and credit cards.”

The website continues by listing some of the benefits of home refinance as:

    “Lower your rate
    Decrease payoff time
    Get cash out
    Consolidate debt
    Pay off credit cards
    College tuition
    Home improvement
    Medical expenses”

The experts at Blue Home Loans are always happy to walk potential borrowers through the process of a refinance and help them to find the best possible refinance terms and rates before they decide to go through with their decision, but in addition to this guidance, the website also provides many very useful resources that can help them in their decision making process and while they are going through the actual process. Some of the new free tools which are provided by Blue Home Loans include a number of home refinance calculators; guides that cover the basics of closing costs, credit reports, and home appraisal; and a live quote feature that can show homeowners what type of rate is available at the moment.

These resources, along with the guidance of an expert loan officer from Blue Home Loans can help homeowners to make the best decisions regarding their home refinance and save the most amount of money possible. A recent Blue Home Loans review from a client who completed a refinance with the company says, “I contacted Brandon Blue through the internet. I read all his fabulous reviews and he lives up to every single one of them! He is efficient, friendly and knowledgeable and, as I told Brandon, the process to refinance was a breeze. I would absolutely recommend Brandon again and again. You will feel confident in him and his staff’s capable hands!”

Blue Home Loans can help California borrowers who are looking for the best rates, lenders and loan programs to find exactly what they need so that they can take advantage of today’s lowest mortgage rates and save thousands of dollars on their loans. As the Blue Home Loans website says, “We make finding a loan simple because we have virtually every loan program available, regardless of the type of mortgage you are looking for. Whether you are dealing with bad credit, foreclosure, bankruptcy, or low credit scores, we can help you. It only takes us five minutes to find the right program that fits your needs.”

For more information on how Blue Home Loans can help California home loan borrowers get approved for their home purchase loan or refinance quickly, please visit or call 1-888-929-BLUE (2583) to speak with an experienced mortgage professional.

California Bureau of Real Estate — BRE #01938557 NMLS #1162386

Athletic Quest Discovers Four Reasons to Ask for Help

(PRWEB) April 25, 2013

There are occasions inside the lives of student athletes whenever they require aid beyond sports training plus educational guidance. Knowing where plus whenever to turn for aid is a key to the achievement of countless student athletes. That aid might come from off the playing field and also about.

Our coaches oftentimes play the character of coach, claims Coach John Scott, president plus CEO of Athletic Quest, an expert team of present plus previous coaches. Their procedure involves weaving together a relationship between student athlete, parents, plus Athletic Quest coaches oftentimes over the course of years. This relationship supports the whole family by trust along with a connection which not takes a day off, continues Coach Scott. Additionally to one-on-one mentoring with all the student athlete, the coach frequently assists the family prioritize objectives plus create options.

The student athlete plus his/her family will request lifetime mentoring suggestions from Athletic Quest coaches including athletic, educational, plus ethical guidance.

1. Lower grades plus bad educational performance? Ask for aid.

Of the 9 evaluation criteria established by Athletic Quest to assess a student athletes competitive level, 4 are educational plus five are athletic. The value of academics is apparent. Athletic Quest has even consulted with educational experts plus developed its own special system for accelerating research abilities plus elevating grades.

Robert Turbin, today a rookie with all the Seattle Seahawks, had to raise the bar academically to qualify for NCAA Division I. We worked carefully with him beginning at the finish of his significant school sophomore year, especially about research behavior and just how to ideal make for SAT plus ACT tests. To his credit, he was diligent plus worked hard whenever he realized how academics affected his athletic possibilities, reports Coach Scott. Robert received a full athletic scholarship to Utah State. He graduated plus is today playing inside the NFL.

2. Whenever inside trouble with moral issues, ask for aid.

Life has many classes, states Coach Scott, plus a few of the largest results include painful processes. We urge the student athletes to ask for aid with regards to moral character, integrity, plus citizenship tasks.

We worked with a varsity excellent school student athlete concerned inside a hazing incident because a participator, not the victim. He was expelled forever from his significant school plus moved to another school because a sophomore. He had to sit out his junior year because an athlete due to transfer rules, explains Coach Scott. We invested a lot of time determining how to approach this condition and just how to ideal counsel this young guy. We had him write a letter of apology to the hazing victim, the school, state athletic organization, plus his hot school. Together you addressed what his moral objectives were for moving forward because a young guy. In his unique school, despite that he couldn’t play sports for the upcoming year, he set target objectives, wanting to be a wise illustration about plus off the practice field. His goal is to be helpful with teammates plus classmates, specifically those less common. The reaction hes getting within the fresh universities coaches plus administrators has been overwhelmingly positive.

3. Whenever confused regarding recruitment plus scholarship approach, ask for aid.

Lauren Clayful attended the smallest significant school inside Kauai that makes her because far away because potential from mainland university sports. Lauren became a significant school all-league junior, nevertheless had not heard from any university coaches. She was 61 along with a NCAA Division III athlete. However heres the issue. Nobody knew she was available. We helped receive Lauren prepared for university recruiting by mentoring her by this procedure, comments Coach Scott. She was off the charts academically plus scored thus excellent about ACTs plus SATs it placed her inside the best 2%. As we guided Lauren from this journey, she went from hearing from zero university coaches to being recruited by 198.

Lauren attended Williams College, a Division III school plus there are no athletic scholarships because division. But towards a expense of $ 65,000 a year, with aid from her Athletic Quest mentors, she received $ 52,000 without any athletic cash. She asked Athletic Quest for aid throughout her whole university expression, plus they are getting more funding for her sophomore year. Whenever tryouts rolled about for the next year, still, she found herself trying at the high amount of competition. After a 90-minute conversation along with her Athletic Quest coach, Lauren went from trying to in the month playing substantial finish for a Division III university system. The relationship isnt over; states Coach Scott, were along with her for the rest of her university profession.

4. Impacted by depression plus bullying? Ask for aid.

Athletic Quest coaches mentored another young guy whom went by the hazing incident because a junior. He had been a lucrative, legitimate player. During captain practices inside baseball many seniors might throw balls at him, belittle him plus create fun of him. He was only found on the verge of being about suicide observe, claims Coach Scott. Because you were inside continual contact with this young guy, you knew what was incorrect. Our coach coach called the team captain plus mentioned, We have a issue. Is this the type of captain plus leader you may be? Do we think this behavior is acceptable from the team? He responded by suggesting which he plus another captain might hold a team meeting without the coaches. In the meeting they explained which anybody whom belittles, incites, makes fun of, or is derogatory towards any different team associate are not tolerated, plus which you because captains usually insure which youll be tossed off the team. In a truly brief time there has been a total turnaround inside the environment for which once-hazed student athlete as well as for the whole team.

We know which the Life Mentoring tasks include assisting the student athlete become a strong, principled citizen in the athletic planet, plus inside lifetime all together, states Coach Scott.

Athletic Quest is approached by exploring or by phoning 888.803.5157. Call Athletic Quest for a free evaluation ($ 50.00 value) or to see with a university coach recruiter.

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