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ARAG Legal Insurance | Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is no laughing matter, but you do have ways to protect yourself. ARAG Legal Insurance can help you recover if you have been a victim of identity thieves or even prevent identity fraud from happening. Learn more about preventing Identity theft with ARAG Legal at

Your credit score may be to blame for high insurance premiums

Your credit score may be to blame for high insurance premiums
If you own a home, there's yet another reason to maintain good credit: Insurance companies may give significant weight to your credit history when setting rates for homeowner coverage. While insurers' use of consumer credit in setting rates is nothing …
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UAE residents can get credit report online by year end
The head of the country's nascent credit bureau said residents would be able to get a copy of their credit report online by the end of the year. “We are hoping that the online service will be launched in the fourth quarter this year, in which customers …
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Study: Credit report not why your Fla. home premium tops US
Company practices and state rules vary, but a credit score can significantly affect a driver's car insurance bill, for example. That might seem like a great system to someone with strong credit, but a pretty unfair one to an excellent driver who …
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Finding A Trusted Motor Insurance Provider With Online Auto Insurance Quotes!

(PRWEB) January 07, 2015 has released a new blog post describing what are a reliable insurance company by contrasting online auto insurance quotes.

A dependable insurance company features a credit history of an or much better and constantly delivers statements. You should learn how to get a hold of great policies regarding insurance marketplace. Researching on the web car insurance quotes will help many individuals.

Its not essential to call numerous companies and purchase quotes. An insurance brokerage website like provides everything a driver needs for purchasing auto insurance.

Researching rates is also simple. The search engine makes use of information supplied by the client to find and choose policies being relevant for every motorist. The quote shows simply how much coverage an idea offers and just how a great deal the premiums will cost. is an on-line provider of life, home, wellness, and automobile insurance estimates. This website is unique because it does not just stick to one particular insurance provider, but brings the customers the greatest discounts from a variety of on the web insurance coverage providers. In this manner, customers gain access to offers from numerous providers all in one place: this site. On this web site, customers have access to quotes for insurance coverage from different companies, such as for example local or all over the country agencies, manufacturers insurance vendors, etc. is possessed by online marketing business.

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Surety Solutions, LLC Announces Single-Point-of-Entry API for Vertafore’s AMS360 Insurance Agency Management System

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) March 05, 2014

OneClick is emerging because insurance agents’ preferred way for composing surety bonds. With 1 application, OneClick swiftly generates real-time quotes from about 20 of the nation’s top surety bond businesses. The agent/broker then has the ability to create plus deliver quotes to their customer, secure electronic indemnity, plus buy the bond all online plus inside lower than 3 minutes. This amount of efficiency, comparative choices plus transparency is unprecedented inside the industry.

The OneClick/AMS360 API, reduces surety bond processing time by 75%. AMS360 consumers may today protect over 5 hrs. per surety bond by OneClick as well as the unique single-point-of-entry API (vs. 30 applications submitted to 25 businesses, a manual credit pull, triple-data entry about bond types plus inside AMS360). Busy agents have further incentive to abandon the old-fashioned surety composing task.

What this API signifies for AMS360 users:

Easy. Writing Surety Bonds is today easier than ever online
Time-saving. Single-point of entry cuts processing time by 75-80%
Software Automation. Data entered into either platform (OneClick or AMS360) simultaneously syncs to the additional, eliminating information entry mistakes plus duplicate entry
In the Cloud. Multiple consumers could access customer info inside the Cloud anytime plus could generate reports plus keep track of the customer with ease found on the go or over the weekend
Brett Feagans, the lead software developer for the AMS360 API reported, “Our team has employed OneClick for a number of years. We have experienced first-hand, the time-saving advancement of surety automation. Then with all the new AMS 360 integration the team saves more time eliminating a redundant information entry step. Then which the 2 systems “Talk” to every alternative, the team spends less time per transaction plus reduces human mistake all simultaneously. We are excited regarding the program integration plus brand-new efficiencies that stand to benefit everyone associated, not the smallest of that is the customer.”

Helen A. Lally, an underwriter with all the Westfield Group commented found on the industry implications of the technologies stating, “I have been functioning inside the commercial surety industry for years plus have been actively looking for an agency which knows the pros of using automation plus good sense inside producing, underwriting plus servicing this product. Surety Solutions has grasped these concepts plus crafted plus implemented a program which is light years before any alternative agency program which I have watched. They have clearly surpassed any additional bond buying program on the market.”

Surety Solutions, LLC is planning to launch API’s for alternative popular Insurance Agency Management Systems inside the coming months. These developments usually further extend the time-saving functionality for Agents composing surety bonds from OneClick. The upcoming proposed Agency Management Systems to obtain API’s are EPIC plus Sagitta.

About Surety Solutions, LLC

Surety Solutions, LLC is a surety broker plus digital software developer specializing inside the Surety Bond Industry. Founded inside 2002, Surety Solutions, LLC has simplified the surety bond buying procedure for principals, neighborhood agents, plus big brokers by the initial plus just comparative engine inside the Surety industry, a width of surety bond carrier relationships, plus intuitive software which permitting customers to obtain the correct bond, compare rates, buy plus manage their Surety Bond all inside the same region.

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Target provides consumers credit monitoring plus identity theft insurance

Target provides buyers credit monitoring plus identity theft insurance
ProtectMyID refuses to include a credit score or reports from different credit reporting agencies including Equifax or TransUnion, though enrollees are provided the chance to buy additional services at their own cost. The free monitoring plus identity …
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Don't like the credit score? Ask for another
As customers pay down or rack up debt, which activity is reported to the bureaus plus put into their credit reports (that determines their scores) though every bureau can not obtain or add this information simultaneously. On top of which, he states, each bureau …
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South Korean credit-card data
On January 8th prosecutors arrested an IT contractor for stealing the individual info of about 20m credit-card holders—more than half the working-age population. While functioning for the Korea Credit Bureau, that evaluates risk for the 3 card …
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A Banker’s Perspective about FHA Mortgage Insurance Increases inside 2013

Orange, CA (PRWEB) March 27, 2013

Broadview Mortgage, a mortgage bank situated inside the City of Orange, reports found on the alternatives to avoid FHA mortgage insurance that are set to grow April 1st of the year.

“With the active state of the Mortgage Insurance Fund, the federal government is striving to reduce their risk. Raising rates will create a marketplace for federal alternatives.” says Scott Schang, Branch Manager for Broadview Mortgage. “FHA financing were not meant to function as the staple of the mortgage industry, they were geared towards lower money first-time customers. In additional words, to be employed sparingly.” states Schang.

According to the latest information within the US Department of Housing plus Urban Development (HUD) states which 27% of house financing inside 2011 were FHA financing. This really is a noticeable decline from 40% inside 2010. This trend mirrors HUD’s objective of reducing the amount of financing which they are insuring.

On April 1st, 2013 the monthly mortgage insurance premium (MIP) is improving by 10 basis points, that will affect the total loan amount a homebuyer could afford. This really is one of many occasions inside latest years which FHA has improved their mortgage insurance costs, that will indicate which homebuyers must consider additional loan choices.

The frontrunners are financing provided by alternative government agencies including the USDA for remote attributes or VA financing for vets plus their families. These are equally insured by the federal government plus are not without increasing fees also. The caveat being which we or the property should fit in the certain criteria to qualified.

Currently, non-government traditional financing from Fannie Mae plus certain banks are accessible with synonymous needs because FHA. These are generally more stringent with regards to credit specifications plus inside several instances may need the high down payment, a requirement not prevalent with many very first time homebuyers inside an unsure economy.

As the click for more stock continues as well as the housing marketplace continues to recover, it is important for homebuyers to have choices with regards to their financing. Although it can appear which FHA has run it’s course, it happens to be nevertheless significant for customers to educate themselves before submitting their has.

Broadview Mortgage is a community lender based inside Orange, California which seeks to educate plus empower homebuyers.

Contact the writer at (714)244-7368 or through e-mail at chris.apodaca(at)broadviewmortgage(dot)com