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Roberts Class Monitor

Class overview




 Royal Navy

In commission:

1 April 1941



General characteristics (Roberts & Abercrombie)





7,973 tons (Standard)

9,150 tons (Full load)


8,536 tons (Standard)

9,717 tons (Full load)


373 ft


89 ft


Roberts: 13 ft 6 inch

Abercrombie: 14 ft 5 inch


2 shaft, Parsons steam turbines, 2 boilers, 4,800 hp


12.5 knots (14.4 mph)


442 – 460


2 15-inch/42 Mk 1 guns in a single turret

8 4-inch AA guns (4 2)

16 2-pdr “pom-pom”s (1 8, 2 4)

20 20 mm guns


Turret: 13 inch

Barbette: 8 inch

Belt: 4-5 inches


Ships in class include: HMS Roberts (F40), HMS Abercrombie (F109)

The Roberts class of monitors of the Royal Navy consisted of two heavily-gunned vessels built during the Second World War. They were the Roberts, completed in 1941, and Abercrombie, completed in 1943.

Features of the class, apart from two 15″ guns in a twin mounting (taken from two First World War era Marshall class monitors), were shallow draught for operating inshore, broad beam to give stability (and also resistance to torpedoes and mines) and a high observation platform to observe fall of shot.


HMS Roberts (F40), named after Field Marshal Frederick Roberts, 1st Earl Roberts.

Built by John Brown & Company, Clydebank, laid down 30 April 1940, launched 1 April 1941 and completed on 27 October 1941. She reused the turret of the World War I monitor Marshall Soult. Roberts provided bombardment support during Operation Torch in north Africa, where she was damaged by two 500 kg bombs. She was repaired in time to support Operation Husky (the invasion of Sicily), Allied landings near Salerno Operation Avalanche, the D-Day landings and the Walcheren operations. She was scrapped in 1965.

One of HMS Robert’s guns (formerly in HMS Resolution) is mounted outside the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth, South London, together with one from the battleship Ramillies. HMS Roberts herself was sold for scrapping shortly after the war, but hired back by the navy as an accommodation ship at Devonport until 1965: it was widely rumoured that the ship-breakers who bought her had more than recovered their purchase price in rent before they then sold her remains as scrap metal.

HMS Abercrombie (F109), named after General James Abercrombie, built by Vickers Armstrong, Tyne. She was laid down 26 April 1941, launched 31 March 1942 and completed 5 May 1943. She used a 15-inch gun turret originally built as a spare for HMS Furious. She was damaged by contact mines on several occasions while supporting the invasion of Italy, but was repaired. Scrapped in 1954.


^ Conway, All The World’s Fighting Ships 1922-1946

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Roberts-class monitor

Abercrombie  Roberts

Preceded by: Erebus class  Followed by: None

List of monitors of the Royal Navy

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British naval ship classes of World War II

Aircraft carriers

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Hunt  Halcyon  Bangor  Auk A  Algerine


H  L  Odin  Parthian  Rainbow  S  River  Grampus  T  U  P611  V  Amphion  X  XE


Isles  Tree (trawlers) Erebus  Roberts (monitors) HMS Pegasus  HMS Albatross (seaplane carriers) Merchant aircraft carriers Fighter catapult ships – Armed Merchant Cruisers

 A – American built X – Cancelled C – Completed after the war

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SIRAS Promotion Focus Enables Retailers and Manufacturers to Monitor and Optimize Product Promotions and Returns

Redmond, WA (PRWEB) June 05, 2013

SIRAS, the Redmond-based subsidiary of Nintendo of America Inc. that provides retailers and manufacturers cloud- and web-based services for tracking and authorizing sales and returns of products, today introduced Promotion Focus, a new service that enables participating retailers and manufacturers to evaluate the financial and operational results of promotions such as ‘instant savings’, ‘gift (card) with purchase’, regional events, and other promotional activities. Customers can add Promotion Focus at any time if they are already using SIRAS OmniTrace and ReturnFlex, proprietary business methodologies and product- and transaction-tracking services. Drawing on data collected and managed through OmniTrace and ReturnFlex, Promotion Focus links the promotion type and value to an item’s unique identifier (UPC and serial number, RFID, EPC, or any equivalent), tracks returns of items purchased under a promotion, and provides detailed promotion analytics. Retailers and manufacturers can use Promotion Focus to monitor the performance of promotions by type, geographic market, and a variety of other variables. Working from these insights, they can apportion and pass marketing funds most efficaciously.

Promotion Focus gives retailers and manufacturers post-promotion reporting to assist reconcile accurate counts of promotions exercising, netting out those promotional items that were sold and later returned. The service enables retailers and manufacturers to accurately fund promotions, to identify unspent allocated funds which can then be used to fund new marketing initiatives, and to measure and forecast promotions with greater insight and accuracy.

Promotion Focus gives retailers and manufacturers detailed analytics, including:

Net Promotion Sales (calculated by item serial number rather than by UPC taking advantage of ???????????? OmniTrace to track items by serial number).
Exchange Matrix (listing items purchased before the promotion, returned, and then ???????????? repurchased during the promotion at a discounted price).
A clear indication of the promotions net results deriving from comparing return rates for sales ???????????? before the promotion to sales during the promotion.

Leveraging SIRASs unique methods to track sales and validate returns by a products UID, Promotion Focus gives retailers and manufacturers an unprecedented level of detail for analyzing sales results.

Promotion Focus provides the hard data and detailed analytics manufacturers and retailers need in order to make the best possible strategic decisions about current and future promotions, said Maridee Maraz, the director of sales and marketing at SIRAS. Retailers and manufacturers tell us that promotions are routinely overfunded because items that end up being returned days, weeks or even months after a promotion are inadvertently included in the post-promotion calculations of sales. To provide accurate post-promotion accounting, Promotion Focus tracks sales and returns for each promotion by unique identifier, not just at the UPC levela unique capability among promotion analysis services. Our service clearly identifies fees payable for a promotion once returns of promoted items are taken into account. In many cases, correctly identifying and crediting these fees can amount to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on a promotion between a manufacturer and a retailer. Retailers and manufacturers can then make a choice to re-invest the freed funds into new promotions to grow top-line sales to make an even bigger impact on profits

For more information about Promotion Focus, see or call +1 (425) 497-3300.

SIRAS ( is the pioneer in Electronic Registration (OmniTrace) and comprehensive return-validation methodology (ReturnFlex), which allows participating retailers and manufacturers to optimize their sell business operations, and to provide customers with a seamless omnichannel experience. SIRAS assist clients improve customer satisfaction, protect and raise their brands, track products, reduce return and fraud, defend inventory, recover steal products, identify forge good, validate warranties, and improve forward and reverse logistics operations. By tracking each product throughout its sales lifecycle by its unique fingerprint rather than by customer data, SIRAS respects and preserves consumer anonymity. SIRAS provides valuable tools for its manufacturing, retailer and law enforcement partners to optimize operations, resolve investigations, improve visibility, business intelligence and forecasting, and improve the consumer experience.

Trademarks are properties of SIRAS. SIRAS technology is protected by one or more U.S. patents. All former trademarks are properties of their respective companies.

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