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Rent to Own Homes for Sale in Fort Lauderdale, FL Now Offered at Real Estate Solutions in Florida LLC

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) February 18, 2015

Adults who are experiencing issues when applying for a home loan can now benefit from new services launched by the Real Estate Solutions in Florida LLC this year. Rent to own homes for sale in Fort Lauderdale, FL are now offered as an alternative at

This new program will serve a dual purpose in 2015 in the housing industry. The first purpose is to create additional opportunities to men and women who have low credit scores and can be denied when applying for a home loan in Florida. The second purpose is to promote the inventory of new houses acquired and now listed for sale.

“We have an expert team that works individually with bad credit borrowers who are unable to finance a home using one of the many loan types available,” said a Real Estate Solutions in Florida LLC rep.

An immediate advantage to a person in South Florida area who is now evaluating rental properties is the simple process of application submission now available. While some companies require an in-person interview during the application process, the new program in place offers a first phase review through an online application.

“Our specialty is placing hard-working adults inside our affordable homes to provide a source of housing when bank financing is not an option,” said the rep.

The new application process that is in place can be started at A person who would rather speak by phone to a housing specialist can call (954) 289-6020 during normal hours of business to inquire about home placement services available.

About Real Estate Solutions in Florida LLC

The Real Estate Solutions in Florida LLC company purchases homes that are sold to adults who have credit issues and cannot qualify for traditional loans. The company specializes in homes around the Fort Lauderdale area although has connections in other states. The Real Estate Solutions in Florida LLC offers rental opportunities to hard-working people who need a source of immediate housing in the U.S.

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Complimentary Webinar – The Real Cost of a Data Breach

Austin, TX (PRWEB) January 19, 2015

AllClear ID, the leader in the B2B customer security market, is hosting a complimentary webinar exploring the costs associated with data breaches. For companies to successfully navigate the new threat landscape and craft effective response strategies to data security events, understanding the true costs associated with data breaches is critical. Registration for the webinar is available online at

The webinar, entitled The Real Cost of a Data Breach, will take place on Wednesday, January 28th at 1:00PM Eastern Time and will feature insights from industry leaders on the 2014 NetDiligence® Cyber Claims Study, as well as best practices for cost savings in key areas of data breach response.

“We decided to partner with NetDiligence on the cyber claims study after receiving feedback from our clients and their attorneys about the desire for more comprehensive data around the true costs associated with data breaches”, says Jamie May, Vice President of Operations at AllClear ID. “This webinar and the associated cyber claims study will be useful tools for companies and attorneys seeking to better understand and mitigate costs related to breach events. We are excited to host such a distinguished panel of industry leaders on the topic.”

Attendees will gain an insider’s look at data breaches and primary drivers of associated costs. Key learnings will include the type of data lost, cause of loss, and affected industry.

Webinar Speakers Include:

    Mark Greisiger, President of NetDiligence®
    Andy Obuchowski, Director, Northwest Regional Leader, Security & Privacy Consulting at McGladrey
    John Mullen, Partner, Chair, U.S. Data Privacy & Network Security Group at Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith
    Jamie May, Vice President of Operations at AllClear ID
    Vinny Sakore, Assistant HIPAA Security Officer for Verizon Business, Cloud Security at ICSA Labs

Register for the complimentary webinar online at

About AllClear ID

AllClear ID specializes in securing your most valuable asset, customer relationships, in a world that feels less secure every day. We advise companies on the customer-facing aspects of incident response and provide the operational capacity and expertise to respond successfully to data security events of any size. We specialize in helping enterprises respond to security incidents and protect their customers from identity theft, and have notified over 160 million consumers on behalf of Fortune 1000 companies, top healthcare organizations, government agencies, and universities. Our exclusive solutions are proven to deliver a superior response that reduces customer anxiety, angry escalations, and lost sales. We back our solutions with the best service in the industry, a 97% satisfaction rating, and 15 international customer service awards.

Q&A: How do I receive a real free credit report without to utilize a credit card to receive it?

Question by AMC: How do I receive a real free credit report without to employ a credit card to receive it?
I should discover out what my credit report looks like. However, I have encounter many websites where I need to enter my credit card info. My spouse found a site where he did NOT need to utilize any credit card info nevertheless you cannot discover the link anywhere. Do we recognize where I may discover this site/link?

Best answer:

Answer by Rea
Every customer inside America has the proper to a free credit report when each year by law because of September 2005. But because which law has passed there has been nothing however, confusion.

The websites which state they are providing this thus called free credit report, are asking you to provide them the credit card info. Does which sound like a free credit report to we?

We will have even provided the credit card quantity to these businesses to signal up for a thirty day trial for a credit service which has virtually nothing to do with getting the free credit report.

In all fairness, you are able to cancel this service following thirty days. However how people do we think forget plus end up with monthly or yearly credit card charges?

In fact, these firms are counting about we forgetting regarding the thirty day trial plus charging which fee about a credit card. However when the law claims we receive a free report, what’s the deal?

A great deal of folks are confused regarding these free credit reports as a result of how certain firms are advertising the free credit report. Hopefully, this info might clear a limited details up for we.

For folks whom really need the bottom line, a free credit report is accessible at plus this might be truly the only official website which assists customers to get their yearly free credit report.

This site’s protection protocols are good with bodily plus technological safety plus encryption. That’s significant for identity theft reasons considering the info about the credit report ought to be watched by the eyes just.

So if this site is available plus anybody will receive a free government credit report when a year, what’s the catch? Here is the catch: the credit report we receive from refuses to have any credit scores.

Then you are asking, “Next what good is getting this free credit report without a credit score?” There are some superior factors why you might wish To consider the credit report even without a credit score.

Did we know which over forty % of all credit reports have mistakes? Should you spot these mistakes, there are them cleared up before it affects a credit score. If you contact a credit bureau regarding an mistake, they need to clear it up or eliminate it following thirty days by law.

Bye Great Luck…

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