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Saving Your Marriage Today With Counseling

I wanted to talk today about seeking help with, saving Your marriage, by going to a counselor. Although I feel that counseling is a much needed step in working towards reconciliation of your marriage, I do feel that your reason for going should be with a right heart. Are you seeking counseling to prove how bad your spouse is and how right you are? Or, are you ready to participate with an open mind and an open heart?

Let me say that your attitude is what is going to determine whether you and your spouse stay together or not. It is important that the both of you approach the process with sincere honesty and willingness to work things out or else it’s all going to be nothing but a big waste of time. It is unlikely that anything will ever be achieved unless both partners communicate what each others expectations are. Are each of you working to save your marriage, for the same reasons or are your intentions, to change your spouse. If it is the latter then I am afraid that all you do from that point on is for not.

The question is, how badly do you want to save your  marriage ?. Are you able to put your anger, hurt and selfishness aside in order for the councilor to be able to get to the root of the complex nature of your disharmony? Many things have happened that bring the both of you to where you are needing counseling and the worst thing that can happen is that feel you are the injured party and revenge is your motive.

Finding a good counselor is very important when seeking help. Not all counselor’s are trained to handle all matters of the heart. Spend time here choosing a counselor who is going to have your marriage and keeping your family together his main focus. This is not a time to have someone who’s main goal is to side with one partner over another or play favorites. Your talking about living and loving someone for the rest of your life, so it is important to have a counselor who is pro family and honors that institution and saving your marriage today.

Committing to the idea of going to counseling, means you are going to have to accept your part of the work that needs to be done and looking at a different way of dealing with issues that will arise. Believe me, it may not be something you want to do or going to like, but, for things to be better in the future you will have to sacrifice  your needs and  put today’s issues behind you. Remember, it is never too late and none of us are never too old to learn and change.

When you attend counseling sessions be actively working towards achieving a common goal. It’s not a case of who is right or who is wrong. Your both there because there is a problem with your marriage and both of you need to be open to learning and growing from that point forward. It’s a time for putting the past behind you and starting fresh and anew, or else your doomed to fail. Save my marriage today should be your sole intention. By saving your marriage today gives hope for our nation tomorrow.

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