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Tencent “echo Asia’s” Knowledge Annual Billboard Start

Recently, Tencent community “echo Asia,” 2008 China Education formally launched the yearly festival tasks. This is the Tencent system following 2007 success “response in China,” knowledge after the yearly festival, once again through public remark, Professional Interview And other forms of development regarding reform achievements and dilemmas, in-depth, comprehensive analysis and study summary.

This season marks three decades of reform and opening up, the event will introduce the “look back three decades,” “critique, 2008”, “asked the Education 2009,” three main sections. The invite to the field of training scholars, experts, representatives of entrepreneurs, high-end number of interviews together with depth associated with the discussion, the function also setup a public voting system (, by thirty days, because of the the general public voted for three decades, 2008 training and knowledge reforms, the key events, plus the eyes of the very representative forms of elite knowledge figures, products and institutions.

It is reported that in 2007 education Billboard attracted 5.9 million men and women web voting, responses, significantly more than 40 million, the news exposure amounted to 300 million times. The final voting results tasks chosen under the “Top Ten individuals of knowledge,” “top academic Event” and Asia’s top brands Education Group, Asia’s top ten online knowledge organizations, China’s top top-quality IT education in 21 groups. Yu Dan, Li, New Oriental as well as other private and device award on the behalf of the Tencent community welcomed to just accept the interview, and through domestic 50 Yu Jiaping face, network and television media awards event and interview content is reported that in community the idea of education in 2007 exemplory instance of the ability industry. Individuals through an interactive system when it comes to development of Chinese education, offer suggestions about their particular interest, and participation than expected. Type of knowledge can’t be stereotyped and turn fresh sense of the problems of knowledge have become a household name is no longer obscure, educational sound to echo through the community, knowledge forward through network have more power. Additionally 12 months’s activities carry on

final task included is huge, the faculties of powerful connection, the more focus on tasks of this expert and level. Throughout the event, Tencent network will arrange numerous training scholars, specialists, business owners and students, parents, teachers along with other front-line group of interviews performed, also to invite popular editor of Media knowledge as a guest number. Media’s unique point of view, expert understanding, educational aspirations of ordinary people will be demonstrated through the activities and dissemination. Subjects of concern will also be taking part in all aspects of education, including the morality of concern this current year, Employment , Campus protection alongside topics, along with knowledge finance, industry as well as other sectors level topics. Following the interview, Tencent training station will simultaneously start a series of level Topics to help expand improve public understanding in China and concerned about education. This series will feature the ultimate summary to Tencent training “repercussions in Asia?? 2008 China knowledge Annual Billboard” in.

Tencent system has actually 590 million registered users, addressing 90per cent of online users in China. Organizers will use the effective wealthy products (customer, portals, search, e-commerce, games, etc.) regarding activities of powerful advertising, will influence the audience had been further expanded. Asia knowledge tv, modern training, reported that the CPPCC is reported that Asia knowledge Information, Zejiao Wang will act as co-sponsor with this event deeply involved with all aspects of tasks. Institute of Education in the twenty-first century-oriented occasion offer academic help, Michael thought recruiting information administration consulting businesses, information analysis of the event assistance, and lots of popular printing media will join collectively to create a scientific survey to Tencent system and a big paid survey. Considerable number of users and, finally, issued by the authority of a professional report. Invited specialists in appropriate fields, on problems about the examination outcomes of a specialist and authoritative evaluation to blog site, touch upon articles alongside types of communication toward general public. Also, the China Youth day-to-day, Xinhua, People, Asia Education Online, etc. is going to be invited to support this occasion, the media, dozens of media across the country will monitor the protection of the occasion.

The introduction of training about fortunes decadent Sheng, knowledge dilemmas pertaining to every one of us, the development of knowledge is our typical expectations. Tencent Network is to promote the development of China’s knowledge and improvement responsibility, and “echo-China” activities of brand would be to boost general public understanding of Chinese knowledge, problems, and provide knowledge the enthusiastic participation of system. There is always a force within the marketing of training forward, China’s training, both you and I shared issue.